The Women’s Federation of The Autonomous Region held a special meeting on ideological work in 2022

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On January 24, the autonomous Region women’s Federation held a special deployment meeting on ideological work. Zhou Shiying, secretary of the party group and vice chairman of the District Women’s Federation, summarized the ideological work of the district women’s Federation in 2021 and made arrangements for the work in 2022.District women’s federation party member, vice chairman Long Cuo chaired the meeting, district women’s federation all cadres and workers to attend the meeting.Zhou Shiying grasped the theoretical study and further improved his political position.Grasp firmly the implementation of responsibility, to further consolidate the joint management pattern;Grasping the guidance of public opinion, the positive energy of society will be further concentrated.The four aspects fully affirmed the ideological work of the Women’s Federation in 2021.In the arrangement and deployment of the ideological work in 2022, Zhou Shiying required: First, continuous efforts should be made in ideological armament to improve the ability to control complex situations.We must continue to consolidate the achievements of theoretical study, earnestly apply Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, promptly follow up on the Party’s latest theoretical achievements, and have a deep understanding that Marxism is the banner and soul of socialist ideology.We must always adhere to the fundamental system of marxism’s guiding role in the field of ideology, consciously strengthen the backbone, make sure the star is fixed, build a solid foundation for common thinking, pool strong spiritual momentum, and constantly sharpen our political sensitivity and discernment.Organize and carry out the collective study of the central group of good theory study, deeply study and understand the spirit of the ideological work meeting and documents of the district Party Committee, get familiar with the new ideas and new knowledge, and further improve the ability and level of paying great attention to the ideological work.Second, we should continue to exert ourselves in the implementation of responsibilities and firmly grasp the initiative of work.Focusing on the principle that the Party exercises control over ideology, we will further strengthen leadership, hold at least two special meetings every year to study and make arrangements for ideological work, and ensure that emerging and tendentious problems are identified, prevented, and dealt with as soon as possible.We will further strengthen political awareness, integrate ideological work into party building, party conduct, integrity, and operational work, and ensure that the work is carried out in the same way as it is planned, implemented, inspected, and evaluated.Third, we should make continuous efforts to guide public opinion and gather positive social energy.We should carry out in-depth publicity and education on socialism with Chinese characteristics and patriotism in the new era. We should firmly publicize the Party’s theories, lines, principles and policies, major work plans of the CPC Central Committee and district Party Committees, and their major analyses and judgments on the situation.When it comes to issues concerning major rights and wrongs and political principles, we must strengthen our initiative, seize the initiative, and fight the initiative well, helping women to draw a clear line between right and wrong, and clarifying their vague understanding.Women will actively publicize the party’s latest theoretical achievements and major policies, build consensus to the greatest extent, and create a positive public opinion atmosphere of solidarity and solidarity.We must make continuous efforts in the construction and management of positions and continuously tamp down the bastion.We will strengthen the supervision and testing of public opinion, firmly grasp the initiative of public opinion work, improve the level of public opinion guidance, take the initiative to adapt to the new changes, new situations and new tasks of information technology development, women’s ideological and political leadership, and news and public opinion guidance, and strengthen the construction of personnel and hardware facilities.We should continue to put content above all else, integrate the expression of the Party’s views with the expression of women’s aspirations, and publicize the vivid practices and issues of concern to the masses of women.With the help of women’s federations at all levels, network commentators and network propagandists, a vertical and horizontal network public opinion information collection mechanism shall be established.Formulate emergency response plans for online public opinions, and improve the mechanism for emergency response and response to online public opinions.Fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development philosophy, and promote high-quality development in Tibet!Statement of the Women’s Federation of Tibet Autonomous Region: In addition to the original content and special instructions, the text and pictures of the pushed manuscript are all from the Internet and major mainstream media.The copyright belongs to the original author.If you think the content is infringing, please contact us to delete.Scan code to follow us on Sina Weibo: @Xizang Women Today’s headlines: @Xizang Women point share point collect point like point watch