Recently a real case to remind everyone: the elderly to help take care of children, we must do these things

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With the liberalization of the national fertility policy, it has become normal for the elderly to take care of their children.Older people are more likely to give their children high-quality companionship and be more loving and patient with their children.Sometimes, however, something unexpected happens.An old man feeds his grandson orange juice in Suzhou, Jiangsu province.The scary part: He had no idea the baby wasn’t being fed orange juice, and the baby was quickly taken to hospital for a stomach pump.What the hell is going on here?It turned out that the child’s parents had bought a “cleanser”, but because the packaging was printed with a pattern of oranges and the bottle was filled with an orange liquid, it looked like genuine orange juice.So, they fed it to the baby.Fortunately, the child thought it was too bad and spat it out, but accidentally swallowed a little.After going to the hospital for gastric lavage, the child had no other discomfort.As for the old man, although his son did not blame him, the old man himself was very self-blame.Of course, there’s no point in blaming anyone for what’s already happened.To know: a slight understanding, similar events may not be so lucky every time, we need to be vigilant!In particular, the elderly help to look after the children in the home, remind parents must do these things: 1.Do not store laundry detergent, poison and other toxic liquids in beverage bottles to prevent children or the elderly from drinking them by mistake.At the same time, be sure to keep it in a safe place, not where children can easily reach it.2. Daily medicine and insect-repellent and insect-repellent drugs at home, such as cockroach repellent and mothball, should be placed out of reach of children.At the same time, tell the elderly where they are, so that children do not accidentally pick them up.3. For the elderly who cannot read, we must tell the elderly to call to ask if they can not understand the packaging, and do not blindly use it.If the child is sick, remember: a day to take three drugs, separately packed, to the point to call the old man, to prevent the old man can not remember to feed the wrong medicine.If, once discover the child was fed by accident the thing that has toxicity, must not drink water, lest cause chemical reaction to aggravate the harm of toxicity, should send to a hospital as soon as possible.In addition, if there are children under 3 years old in the home, parents should also pay attention to prevent electrocution.For power sockets, repeatedly tell children not to play with fingers or sticks.If the child is too young to understand, it is necessary to seal all power sockets less than 1 meter.Life is no small thing. Taking care of a child is a painstaking and delicate job.The head of the family must not be taken lightly, to harm the nature of the matter, take the trouble to explain to the elderly in every detail.As long as the parents have time, as far as possible to see their children, can not completely rely on the elderly to do “shake hands”.There are no regrets in the world, but fortunately, the lessons of others are opportunities for reflection.Do you think so?