Again want to rob!Zhenjiang downtown hot plate began to recognize, the last small high-rise immediately pushed

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The Spring Festival has just passed, zhenjiang property market began to lively.Recently, I got the latest news that nanshang Yue Shi Yuan, which is located in the improvement area around the city center, has started to be approved again. It is about to add the last small high-rise building 6#, with a total height of 18 floors.All along, Shangyue Poetry Garden has attracted the attention of the improvement group by virtue of its superior occupying position and sincere delivery quality.According to the authoritative data of Diamond, during the 20 days before and after the Spring Festival this year (January 22 to February 10, 2022), in the traditional frozen period of real estate sales, 16 sets of transactions were still completed in Shangyue Shiyuan, with the total transaction volume ranking third in the city and steadily occupying the top of zhenjiang real estate market.In order to understand the small high-level push more information, today I came to the sales office.1. At the end of this month, the last small high-rise building will be added to Shangyue Poetry Garden, with an area of 96 and 111 square meters. It is located next to Kongjiaxiang Primary School, not far from dashikou Business circle and Wuyue Square business circle, with complete supporting facilities and rich living atmosphere.Today I came to the sales office, although it was noon, the popularity is still hot, many property consultants and buyers to negotiate.According to the property consultant: will be pushed 6# building is located in the most east side of the community, the location is very good, the total height of 18 layers, blank delivery, the average price of about 10500 yuan /㎡.It is understood that the first phase of the small high-rise project has been liquidated, building 6# is the last small high-rise project, missed there will be no more, the late will only launch high-rise products.Therefore, no matter looking at the downtown area or the project itself, the scarcity of the house is self-evident.In addition, real estate consultants said: the 6# building is expected to be officially pushed before the end of the month, there will be two types of apartment, respectively 96㎡ of three rooms, two halls and one bathroom and 111㎡ of three rooms, two halls and two bathrooms.The delivery time of this additional house is September next year.2. The small high-rise apartment area is about 96, 111 square meters, which is separated from dynamic and dynamic, transparent from north and south, and has a high space utilization rate. After understanding the project information, UNDER the leadership of the property consultant, I came to the small high-rise blank sample room to experience the space size and functional layout.First into the 96㎡ indoor, I did not think of is that the overall sense of space is good, guest restaurant integration, the layout is quite decent.The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen, which is u-shaped and easy to operate. There is no problem to put a double-door refrigerator in the whole space.Advocate lie to have a big wave window, also reserved chest area at the same time, the big bed that puts on a piece of meter 8 adds ark of two bedside unapt.The multifunctional room in the north can be put a tatami as a children’s room, which can be made into a small study.Then I came to the 111㎡ apartment. The overall layout of the apartment is similar to that of the 96㎡ apartment, but the master bedroom suite design makes the improvement attribute stronger.A walk in, give a person the most intuitive feeling is that 111㎡ living room looks much bigger than the small living room, the sense of scale is more generous.The dimensional scale of the sitting room did not sacrifice the area of other functional area.In the kitchen, two people cooking together has no problem.Advocate lie besides the space greatens, outside can do a small cloakroom, still contain independent wei yu, host illicit close sex is strengthened further, live experience is better.In general: the design of the two types of house is very square, high space utilization rate;Three bay facing south, south are double bay balcony, lighting superior;The separation of movement and movement and the dry and wet separation of the bathroom were also done quite well.In terms of cost performance, the small high-rise buildings launched by Shangyue Shiyuan are not large in area, with strong functionality and controllable total price, which are very suitable for small families to improve.3, live presentation!Landscape maintenance in The upper Yue Shi Yuan community is in place, and the quality is online different from many other real estate sales in zhenjiang market. The upper Yue Shi Yuan has been delivered several times, and the real scene is presented, and the reputation is quite good.Today, I also visited the deliverable area of The First phase of Yue Shi Yuan, and found that the landscape maintenance is in place, the hardware investment is large, and the sense of quality is really commendable.The facade of the project adopts the combination of beige and tan. The overall design lines are simple and smooth, which looks highly recognizable.In order to enhance the security, the door of the unit adopts the way of face recognition.Entry hall for hardcover delivery, stairs are also affixed with floor tiles, the cost of investment visible to the naked eye.It is worth mentioning that the children’s paradise in the community has obviously been carefully designed and has rich facilities. I believe that the owners with children must be very satisfied.Finally, I also took the elevator to the underground garage for a turn, the use of the emery floor of the basement, bright and clean.In addition, the garage is equipped with a number of charging points, taking into account the needs of different owners.In general, new homes are scarce in the city center, and it’s rare to see a project like The Upper Hyatt that takes the shine off its location and can stand on its own.Now the Yue Shi Yuan house has been sold out, if you don’t want to settle for high-rise housing, then this launch of small high-rise, must not miss!