Refined egoists?Lebron James has revealed he could return to the Cavs for three reasons

2022-07-25 0 By

Since James joined the Heat, he seems to have a magic spell of winning a championship in his second year with his new team, but the side effect of this BUFF is that these teams will inevitably decline in a short period of time, and then James will leave for other goals.James is in his fourth year with the lakers, so will he leave next season?Combined with the two recent lakers season, can only say that James left the possibility of more and more big, although James has reached the age of 37, but he so far this season averaging 29 points and 7.9 rebounds 6.5 assists, 1.6 steals 1 blocks, shooting 52% + 35.2%, is still one of the top the top five players in the league, such as James left the lakers,I’m sure a lot of teams would like to take over.A staff member recently tweeted @James on social media, “I knew he would try to get back on this wall.I know what’s going to happen.I knew he would try to get back to the wall.”James responded, “Anything is possible.”James already has plenty of reasons to return to the Cavs.First, to win the championship;Since last season ZhanMei duo began to didn’t work, after the introduction of wei less this season the lakers’ problem is more serious, so far this season the lakers only 9 in the west, and the management team of trade is also very bad, for three consecutive years the stability of the demolition team let a person see the lakers, who also dare not say the lakers next season will be better or worse,Leaving James at this point had the advantage of public opinion.Second, legend;Although repeatedly leave do a discount on word-of-mouth, but James regression cavaliers retired, like many stars return just retired as a topic when joining the team, such as Allen iverson in 76 people retire, retired wade to return to the Miami heat, etc., knight to box-office and influence, is certainly willing to cooperate with James.Third, hometown;As James fame was born and raised in place, the Cleveland is the other team couldn’t compare, what’s more, the cavaliers in the eastern 4, now the team have Allen, garland these young talents, knight also have enough leverage to trade for superstars, the last a few years time the championship again, retired at home, by the way, isn’t this a noble deed?But in general, I think that if James changes teams frequently, then the refined egoist label will surely linger. So what do you think lebron James will do, wasting his last years with the Lakers, or using his last years to win a championship and lose his reputation?