Chengdu Shuangliu: Inherit the red culture and carry forward the feelings of family and country

2022-07-25 0 By

Chengdu, April 2, People’s Daily Online (Wang Fan) In order to remember the martyrs of the revolution, in the Tomb-sweeping Day is coming, Chengdu Shuangliu District Pengzhen government branch and Jinqiao Primary school in Pengzhen Jinqiao community to carry forward the red culture and promote the feelings of the family “activities.Activities, teachers and students swept away xu Maosen and Xu Haidong martyrs monument in front of the fallen leaves, wipe the dust, sing the national anthem, presented a basket of flowers.”Understand the story of the martyrs, I felt xu Maosen and Xu Haidong uncle and nephew two strong patriotic love party feelings, they in the enemy’s torture, never revealed the secret of the party, their spirit and will is worth our study.”Hu Sixian, a student from Class 2, Grade 5, Jinqiao Primary School, said.”My uncle hai-dong xu childless, it should be said that I was his most close relatives, so every tomb-sweeping day comes, I will come here with my family in reaction to uncle, we’re always follow the uncle’s legacy, dependable person, steadfast work, patriotic party love family, love the spirit of the martyrs go down.”Xu Ying, a teacher at Jinqiao Primary School, is also the niece of xu Haidong, the martyr. In addition to the annual school activities for the martyrs, the whole family will come to the ceremony alone.Jinqiao elementary school principals Zhou Jialing said, jinqiao is hai-dong xu Xu Maosen two hometown of revolutionary martyrs, inherit their immortal revolutionary spirit, golden bridge primary school has been the “red genetic inheritance Carry forward the country feelings “as to cultivate the students’ requirements, through the qingming festival memorial activities, let the child establish the patriotic spirit, sets up the firm ideal faith,Let jinqiao this land red blood can be handed down from generation to generation.