The elderly should pay attention to: the more diligent, the more likely to get sick, 3 diligent habits, health

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In fact, both the young and the aged should pay attention to the three common diligent habits in life and should be changed as soon as possible, because the more diligent, the more harmful to our health.The first diligent habit is the smoke lampblack machine that close frequently.Some people have the habit that takes lampblack machine shuts off immediately after cooking normally, most people is incorrect to the view of kitchen lampblack, think to the body did not harm, also had paid attention to it without the person.Cook for an hour without turning on the smoking machine in the kitchen.While you are cooking, we must turn on the range hood, and after finishing, do not be so diligent as to turn off the smoking organ immediately.It is recommended that you leave the smoking machine running for about 10 minutes or more as the cooking fumes still permeate the kitchen.Therefore, we should not turn off the smoking machine immediately and wait until the cigarette is clean.Second, scrub frequently, the home is very clean and clean, use a lot of different cleaners every day to clean every place in the home, then you should pay attention to, long-term use of inferior cleaners, may cause our body allergies, asthma and other symptoms.Therefore, when choosing detergent, we must choose the regular detergent produced by large manufacturers to buy.Third, wash dishes and chopsticks frequently.Make no mistake.This does not mean that you should not wash your dishes in the future, but that you should not wash too hard, which is a potential cancer risk.Scrubbing chopsticks hard will break the protective layer on the surface and crack some of the grooves between the chopsticks.This makes it easier for some microbes and bacteria to stay indoors and thrive.On the other hand, many people put their chopsticks directly into the bucket or drawer after washing the dishes, because this humid environment creates a good environment for bacteria.What’s more, it may breed a liver disease pathogen called aflatoxin, uh, so when we finish washing the dishes, we should remember to form a habit.After drying, place in a chopstick bucket or drawer.In this way, chopsticks will be cleaner and more hygienic.Or if you can, you can buy a disinfecting cabinet.After washing the bowl, put the chopsticks into the bowl and dry them directly for disinfection.In short, don’t rub them hard, don’t get wet, put them in the chopstick bucket.These three things can cause cancer cells to creep up in our bodies.If you have anything else to say, please leave a comment