Highlights of recent economic operation | Development and Reform Departments of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region carry out “Winter Foundation Action” for regional project construction

2022-07-24 0 By

The xinjiang uygur autonomous region development and reform commission “winter groundwork action” to develop the whole project construction, to mobilize all the full use of the winter season, start early, early preparation, around “policy solution, accelerated the problem of coordination, project investment, increase”, highlight the “early” and “quick” words, plotting to reserve a batch of major projects, transferred for examination and approval of a number of procedures of the early stage of the project,We will speed up the implementation of the conditions for the resumption of project construction, and promote the “early start and proper start” of projects in the region to further strengthen expectations and boost confidence, so as to gain time, lay a solid foundation and win initiative for the construction of projects throughout the year, and ensure that the construction of projects in the region gets off to a solid start.First, we will launch a sprint for projects under construction.For projects not affected by winter weather conditions, the construction units are urged to continue to increase investment and maintain the normal construction intensity of projects.To ensure the construction safety, strengthen the operation safety and environmental safety in winter, actively do a good job in mechanical and electrical parts, mining equipment, maintenance equipment and other spare parts and cement, commercial concrete and other construction materials supply, to ensure smooth transportation and material guarantee.Second, we will carry out preliminary work action.Comprehensive combing the region this year plan starts in the early period of the project procedure, with a good major at the early stage of the project examination and approval work joint conference system, speed up the approval for approval for the record, the location of the land use and planning, the eia, conservation, evaluation and so on various aspects, promote the project as soon as possible with construction condition, completes the project library work, improve the quality of the project reserves.Third, the implementation of service projects.Office committee leadership lead author at the scene of the grass-roots level, promote the symposium, held by classified project site survey form, such as site office services, around the early stage of the project planning, preparation, application of funds, establish the review, supporting security, the completion acceptance, evaluation content of the total project life cycle, such as one by one, find out projects to promote “point” of the existence of all aspects of theProvide policy answers and guidance to promote the smooth implementation of the project.Fourth, we will implement measures to ensure factors of production.We will give full play to the guiding and driving role of fiscal funds such as investment from the central government budget and special bonds of local governments. We will set up the idea of “big finance” and broaden financing channels by relying on platforms for the docking of government, banking and enterprises and integrated financial services platforms for credit and easy lending.Make good plans for the accurate matching of land, energy consumption, environmental impact assessment and other elements with key projects, and ensure the funds, site selection planning and municipal supporting facilities needed for projects.