Forest plant calorific value ignition point temperature tester Combustible ignition point tester

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Forest plant calorific value of ignition temperature tester fuel ignition point tester, forest plants tester fuel calorific value of ignition temperature of ignition point tester by providing a solid fuel ignition test equipment testing wood burning equipment, laboratory forest fuel calorific value of the equipment, testing instruments, forest fire ignition point of wood combustion temperature meter, the branch leaves yellow leaves subtilis ignition temperature analyzer,Forest plant fire ignition point tester,Assay plants combustion values of the instrument, detection equipment, combustion heat value of wood spontaneous ignition of solid fuel in laboratory instruments, wood flame temperature measuring instrument, solid fuel outbreaks of ignition test instrument, instrument fuel loads measured way to detect the brown leaves of ignition cord used cord method determination of fuel loads can be summarized as the following steps (;Determine the type of fuel, according to the distribution characteristics of fuel set up suitable size of sample land;A plurality of parallel transect lines are laid in the sample plot;Check and calculate the number of points of branches crossing with parallel transect in the plot;Combined with the parameters to calculate the fuel load.At present, this method is rarely used in China. Its advantage is that it is simple and easy to do, avoiding the measurement of fresh weight of fuel and directly calculating fuel load. However, it has obvious limitations, that is, it can only be applied to the investigation of dead fuel load on the surface.When the investigation of combustible load is carried out by means of mechanical plot investigation, several plots are usually mechanically arranged in a representative area, and the stand factors such as tree species composition, tree height, DBH, stand age and abundance, as well as site conditions such as slope, slope position and slope direction are recorded.The specific implementation can be divided into the following two steps “;For more exciting content, come to pay attention to the calorific value detector zhenglong