A zoo in The UK is celebrating valentine’s Day after its’ ex ‘cockroach

2022-07-24 0 By

A zoo is offering a chance to name a cockroach after an ex for a donation of £1.50.The campaign was launched by Helmsley Animal Care in southeast England to raise money for conservation projects at the zoo, Reuters reported.People will pay £1.50 on a donation page to be given the chance to name one of the cockroaches in their garden.The zoo houses about a dozen adult Madagascar hissing cockroaches and hundreds of larvae.Organizer Henry Weedon said it was a way to cheer up those who have experienced bad breakups.However, participants can only submit their ex’s first name, not last.”Whatever it is, it’s all to raise money for the zoo’s program,” Weedon said.Helmsley Animal Care is preparing to release the cockroach naming results on February 14, Valentine’s Day.(OuSa)