A special Valentine for the loveliest person!

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On the morning of February 14, with the joyful sound of gongs and drums, the municipal bureau of Veterans Affairs, the People’s Armed Forces Department of the Liberated area and the Bureau of veterans Affairs of the Liberated area jointly sent good news to the family of zheng Ruijie, an active serviceman who won the second-class merit award, and presented the reward money.City veterans affairs bureau deputy director Huang Sheqi, the liberation area of the armed Forces Minister Xu Ning to participate in the activity.A cavity blood cast military soul, body xu national protection!Zheng Ruijie, born in October 1986, jiaozuo City, Henan Province.In the army for the safety of the flight time of 1600 hours, outstanding achievements, won the second class merit.1600 hours is just the simplest time for ordinary people, but for Zheng Ruijie, behind 1600 hours is the difficult growth on the road to pursue his dream, and it is countless days and nights of efforts and struggles.At Zheng Ruijie’s home, Huang Sheqi and his delegation had a cordial talk with their families and learned about their living conditions and health conditions in detail. They thanked zheng Ruijie for training outstanding talents for the army and the country. They hoped zheng Ruijie would inherit and carry forward the fine tradition and strive to make new achievements in the journey of strengthening the army.He urged the staff of the accompanying sub-district offices to care for the military families, help them solve practical difficulties, and help the soldiers feel relieved to serve and contribute to the barracks, so that the military families can feel a sense of pride and honor.The great good news carries the story of the military, connects the soldiers and their families to share the glory of the link, and inspires the powerful power to continue to struggle and create brilliant.On this special day, “I love my country” is also cheng Ruijie’s best gift to the society!Jiaozuo daily all media reporter Zhai Qianqian correspondent Song Mengshan photography report