Why is the temperature low?Jiangsu will see rain and snow again on May 22

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Meeting point news missing for a long time – the sun has finally returned!It feels so good to see the sun sweep away the haze, and even the mood becomes bright. Friends have taken pictures of the beautiful sunshine in winter.Although the weather is good, it is really cold today. It is chilly this morning. The highest temperature in the province is only about 0℃, and the lowest temperature is minus 7.9℃.At noon, blue sky and white clouds, the sun shines, through the glass basked really warm.In the afternoon, the temperature in most parts of the province is 4 to 5℃. Today, the sun finally appears, but the temperature is very low. We must pay attention to keep warm when going out.The influence of cold air, the temperature of the whole province is low today, the highest temperature in Peixian county, only 7.5℃.It’s going to be cold again tomorrow morning, so watch out!Some friends may wonder why it is clear that it is sunny, but the temperature in the morning and evening is lower than before?Jiangsu meteorological station experts, in addition to the cold air, clear sky radiation is also the main reason.If the cloud is compared to a quilt, the thick cloud at night is like covering the ground with a quilt to keep warm, like an incubator has the effect of insulation, so the temperature will not drop too much.But sunny night without this layer of quilt, the heat gathered during the day will soon be scattered, the temperature of the natural decline of the obvious.As for the weather of the Spring Festival travel rush, the cloud system will mainly change in the whole province from 20th to 21st, and there will be weak precipitation in the southern part of the province from 22nd to 23rd.22, 08-23, 08, sections are affected by the light rain turned small sleet weather: ningtong expressway, nanjing around the 4th bridge, 3rd Yangtze river bridge, nanjing and runyang bridge, taizhou bridge, Yangtze bridge, wide in Shanghai, hangzhou, ning jing tin chengcheng, peaceful town Li, along the Yangtze river, xiyi, changzhou, sutong bridge, suzhou city, suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou su zhejiang, Shanghai, etc.Concern: The wet road surface and reduced visibility caused by rain (snow) in the south of 22nd and 23rd will adversely affect the safety of the Spring Festival transportation operation.Province weather: tonight to tomorrow sunny to cloudy, the province’s southerly wind level 3-4, the lowest temperature tomorrow morning: the province -3 ~ -4℃, most of the province has frozen, tomorrow’s highest temperature: huaibei area 9℃, other areas 7 ~ 8℃.Intersection point reporter Zhang Xuan statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com