Want to rear seat heating, 150,000-250,000 this several can’t miss

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For our friends in Guangdong province, the 2022 Lunar New Year is really “full of flavor”. This is the coldest Spring Festival in the past decade. Tea brother recalls that the last time I felt this cold was in 2008.As the environment changes and extreme weather is likely to become more common in the future, with hotter summers and colder winters, driving by car is clearly the most comfortable way to get around.People travel peak of the holiday, in the future in the face of extreme weather, should be a lot of consumer are considering new car the car is more comfortable, such as cold wave, this time let many southern friends car to use central heating, better heating models will also have the steering wheel, and the most practical is the family travel, have a seat heating, best can cover front row.We are equipped with such a price between 150,000-250,000, to recommend several new cars for you to choose.Since ford Linyu is a family car with many people, it is more suitable for SUV with large space.The two-child model has seven seats and six seats, six of which are more convenient and comfortable, which is recommended by Tea brother.The most valuable thing is that this car owner is playing the comfort of two rows, the seat configuration is relatively high, with 199,800 version from the beginning of the back row heating, and higher configuration also provides electric adjustment and ventilation function, with independent air conditioning is very easy to use.Overall, this car is positioned as a comfortable home. In addition to its large size and space, the softness of the seats is also excellent. Combined with the cost-effective comfort configuration, it is worth considering for many families.Honda Shadow sharp hybrid looked at the joint venture SUV models, 239,800 hao shadow sharp hybrid high with rear seat heating, including the plug-in version is the same, but also with high.Of course, under the hybrid support, Hao Shadow enjoy ultra-low fuel consumption, first-class economic performance, is also very suitable for home users, and ergonomic Honda is also very good, seat Angle, leg length and package feeling have a good consideration.And under the MM concept, Hao Yingrui · hybrid and plug-in have a good space performance, can be said to be a more comprehensive car, so it is also recommended to everyone.It is suggested here to limit the purchase of the city to consider the plug-in version, can enjoy the green card policy, plus 85km pure electric endurance, comprehensive car and plate, the cost will be further reduced.Cars cars with rear heating models are not many, even to the luxury brands are high-end products may be equipped.Within 250,000, there are two b-class cars of the joint venture brand that meet the requirements.Volkswagen Passat 2022 Premium and above models have rear heating function, and the guide price is 231,900 yuan and above.As a strong traditional B-class car, I believe that many friends will take Passat into consideration when choosing it. In fact, this car configuration is more meticulous and takes into account many aspects.The 2022 Passat, with its simpler, younger design and power always to its advantage, is a cure-all choice.In general, it is also an atmospheric and stable model. Considering the preferences of the owners of family users, the new Passat is still recommended.Kia K5 Kaiku in addition to the atmosphere stable, young sports choice, Kia K5 Kaiku also provides rear seat heating, in the top with 205,800 version can be optional heating function, the price is 3000 yuan, but also includes other configurations and decoration.The new-generation K5 is also competitive as it has a strong appearance level and is popular with young people.As for other aspects, the configuration also has a cost-effective advantage, space performance is not bad, want to rear heating function, is also a good choice.MPV Trumpchi M8.25 million, MPV model of choice is almost trumpchi M8.What’s interesting is that the MPV itself is featured with the enjoyment of the rear row, so the 239,800 Chinese version has the heating, ventilation and massage functions of the rear row.Not only that, two rows belong to independent seats, but also have electric adjustment, electric leg support and other functions, enjoy and comfort is quite high.On such a cold Spring Festival, it would be very comfortable and convenient to travel in such a car.It is worth mentioning that in the joint venture brand buick GL8 want to have the same enjoyment of configuration, need to go to 343,900 or more models, so 250,000 to trumpchee M8 cost-effective is still very high, is also an important reason for its higher sales.