The mobilization and deployment conference of “Environmental Construction Year” was held

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On February 7th, the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday, the mobilization and deployment meeting of “Environmental Construction Year” was held in the whole city.Jin Guowei, party secretary, attended the meeting and made a speech.Deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Wang Xinyu chaired the meeting.Yang Weixin, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, han Tong, chairman of the Municipal CPPCC attended the meeting.Jin guowei stressed that it is necessary to show a winning working state, seize the rare development opportunities and maintain the good working state already formed.Taking stock of last year’s report card, we can see that the vast majority of the city’s regions, departments and units have found a good working state, most of the regions, most of the units and departments work upward, the overall situation is improved, I hope we must maintain a good state of excellence competition.Mr Jin pointed out that the construction and development of a city is not the100 meters, but a marathon, not just rely on strength, more competition to grow strong, you must put the last stage of momentum into based on central cities grow strong, this year’s working status and work performance is better than last year, only can never fall, this is the primary task in front of us.Provincial party congress report and province “two sessions” are clearly put forward supporting the construction of jinzhou region key city, the development of jinzhou condition is very superior, especially in western liaoning corridor and the kam tin chek Lu Haixin channel, a new old two channels can bring unlimited space for development to jinzhou, development opportunities, I believe jinzhou will have a bright future.Jin guowei stressed that the environment is both the premise and the target for the development of various undertakings in Jinzhou.The theme of this year is determined as the year of environmental construction, and the mobilization and deployment conference is held on the first working day, which is to call on and make requirements to all regions, departments and units of the city, and to pay great attention to environmental construction.Are held for the party’s two big to create a stable economic environment, political environment, social environment, and to maintain the existing economic and social development of a good situation to provide more optimized development environment, but also to improve environmental quality for urban and rural residents, and foreign entrepreneurs, workers, provide better security, belonging and happiness.On the implementation of the “Year of Environmental Construction” in eight aspects of 50 key construction tasks, Jin Guowei stressed that we should fully realize that environmental construction is an important political task.The whole city should improve its political judgment, political understanding and political execution, focus on the construction of economic environment, political environment and social environment in the implementation of various work in the year of environmental construction, and accomplish the major political tasks entrusted by the CPC Central Committee.Fully understand and grasp the environmental construction is not wrong to cut wood work, often can receive twice the result with half the effort.Everyone everything everywhere is always the environment.Environment construction of the final results should be penetrated into each unit of work, each individual work, work every time, every work matters, finally let all for one, one for all, and convenience to people, yourself, to the person rose, hand there are lingering fragrance become a habit, a kind of culture, the formation of everybody to grasp business environment, the situation of everyone is doing business,To let every enterprise to Jinzhou have enough sense of gain.All units and departments in the city should implement the overall requirements of the year of environmental construction, carry out relevant work, find out the shortcomings of their units in environmental construction, and take practical and effective measures to rectify problems existing in the work.Each unit, each department should carry out work deployment in this unit this system, should face all employees to carry out ideological education, environmental construction year this work in the party and government system must be known to all, everyone practice.We will strengthen overall planning and coordination, avoid duplication of deployment, and avoid placing additional burdens on the community level and enterprises.Jin guowei stressed that the essence of environmental construction is to improve style of work.At present, the style of construction in the field of unbalanced, shallow and inadequate skills and other problems, we should focus on strengthening the training of grassroots cadres, as soon as possible in their cultivation of not afraid of difficulties, dare to encounter difficulties, can be in-depth, good to resolve the style and ability.We must see the water when digging a well. Whether it is to improve the business environment or to improve the work style, we must have the belief that we will never give up until we achieve our goals, and we must have the mentality of working hard all day long and vigilant. On the one hand, we must stress unremitting self-improvement, on the other hand, we must stress the awareness of potential dangers, and make overall plans for development security.Wang Xinyu stressed in his speech that the meeting as a symbol, the city’s overall “environmental construction year” prelude.All regions and departments should follow the five principles of “centering on the central task, surpassing the standard, making simultaneous efforts to break the standard, lowering the rate at the top, and being results-oriented”, and comprehensively implement 50 key tasks in eight areas.Highlight key points, create bright spots, play the “best in the province” this strong sound.To build an optimal business environment with Liaoning’s characteristics and jinzhou’s recognition of “convenience in handling affairs, good rule of law, strong cost competitiveness and livable ecology”, three measures must be implemented.We will give full play to the role of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in overseeing the business environment.Mobilize the whole society to form a situation in which the whole people participate in environmental construction.The conference will be held in the form of teleconference.Each county (city) district set up a branch meeting.At the meeting, the implementation plan of “Environmental Construction Year” was explained.Beizhen city, Guta District, development zone, municipal commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, municipal Political and legal Committee, municipal market Supervision Bureau, municipal ecological environment Bureau made a statement.Reporter | Yue Dahai Cao Hongmei editor | CAI Yu