“The Eye of Luzhou” in Hefei, Anhui province

2022-07-23 0 By

“LuZhou eye” has become the hefei citizens clock point when New Year, when the news online client inquiry on January 30, according to the lunar calendar year 28, hefei old yao jin park ferris wheel “LuZhou eye” for many citizens, “the eye of LuZhou” is divided into two economy class and rotating the deck in the New Year holiday citizens can feel here 360 ° horizontally rotating pod new play,Beautiful views from all angles of the busy pedestrian street and the surrounding city.Located in the ancient Xiaoyaojin Park, the ferris wheel “Luzhou Eye”, which took 10 months of construction, has been officially put into trial operation after passing the test of China Special Equipment Testing Institute.”The Eye of Luzhou” is 90 meters high and has 36 luxurious spherical pods with a diameter of 3 meters. Each pod can hold six people.Among them, six rotating pods are the biggest highlight, which can rotate horizontally 360°. Sitting in the pod, visitors can overlook the beautiful scenery of the bustling pedestrian street and downtown from all angles, bringing different pleasure experience to the general public.In addition, each of the 36 pods has independent monitoring and two-way intercom equipment.If tourists encounter some special situations on the way, they can call or rescue, and the staff will find and respond to the problems encountered by tourists in the first time, and take measures in time.(Reporter Liu Yucai) “Eye of Luzhou” has become a New Year’s point for hefei residents to feel the city’s unique scenery. It can be rotated horizontally 360 degrees from all angles overlooking the bustling pedestrian street and the beautiful scenery of the downtown