Ten billion private placement have been recruited!Thousands of products below the warning line, what is the problem?

2022-07-23 0 By

Reporter Mu Yue recently, more and more private product performance has sounded the “alarm”, even part of the well-known 10 billion private also failed to escape.On February 8, Zhejiang Shanyuan Investment co., LTD., headed by futures tycoon Xi Qing, issued a “notice letter about The” No. 1 Private equity fund “hit the” stop loss line, “saying its product” No. 1 Private equity Fund “hit the stop loss line.February 11, 10 billion quantified private equity heFU investment to investors and agencies issued A notice, said its “HeFU flexible hedge nine A period of private equity investment fund” in February 10, the net unit value of 0.8774 yuan, has been lower than the warning line 0.88 yuan, hit the warning.On the same day, ten billion private equity guru Dan Bin was exposed, his total net value of more than 50 products fell below the warning line of 0.8 yuan, the net value of 6 products fell below the traditional stop loss line of 0.7 yuan.In addition, 10 billion private equity tycoon Liang Hong in charge of the Xiwa investment, its product net value has fallen below 0.8 yuan, there are more than one product net value in the following 1 yuan.According to the latest data from Private Equity Blou Net, there have been more than 1,000 private equity products whose net value has fallen below the traditional warning line of 0.8 yuan, among which 123 are private equity products owned by 10 billion yuan.According to Chaoyang Sustainable data, as of February 10, 104 have disclosed the performance of billions of private equity this year the average retracement is 5.55%, negative income billions of private equity accounted for up to 89%.Among them, in January 59 billion private equity fell more than 5%, 14 fell more than 10%, the largest drop of nearly 16%.A large number of private product performance have retreated, where is the problem?Xi Said in a letter to investors released in mid-January that the returns in the past two years have been the accumulation of research ability, but also the characteristics of stocks in recent years biased toward high growth.A senior investor who declined to be named believes that since the beginning of this year, the track stocks led by Ningde times have been continuously stampeded, such as new energy vehicles, wind power, photovoltaic and some pharmaceutical stocks, and their decline is extremely severe, which is very similar to the rapid decline of core assets led by Kweichow Moutai in February last year.These track stocks were overhyped, which to A large extent was also the performance of some funds in the A stock market eager for quick success and instant profits. They peaked in one direction and then adjusted to A new direction until they were too bubbly, which did not play A real role in value mining.Many private funds are immersed in the trend of the market, the track stocks will lead to a sharp decline in its net value, below the warning line, or even below the stop loss line.Of course, the rapid decline in the net value of private equity products of relevant listed companies also shows to a large extent that there are big problems in the investment and research strategy and risk control of these private equity companies.In but bin appears, however, its net value of products in the near future the smart doesn’t mean the company seems to be problems with its February 11 in weibo responded: “at present our products are well corresponding risk control, the net value of relative stability, trading, and I always cautious response to market panic under current volatile market more…Oriental Harbor has experienced the 2008 financial crisis, the liquor crisis, the 2015 stock market crash and other bad times in the stock market, and the company has developed better after each time!”No matter what the specific reason is, for the pursuit of absolute returns of private equity, the substantial withdrawal of its product performance, after all, is an urgent problem to be solved.In fact, already have a lot of private equity have choice since the “vote” heart “, according to the interface journalists incomplete statistics, there are including magic square quantitative and spirit of investment, investment and 9 HeFu, han and capital investment, JingLin, wing on national wealth, Lin investment assets, such as several private announced recently purchased.It remains to be seen which companies will do better in this big test.