“Most loving day”!Nanchang marriage reservation registration “full”

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Dajiang network/Dajiang news client xiao Binli reporter Huang Yulong, Cao Zhijian report: Tuesday, February 22, 2022, is also the year of Yin tiger, the 22nd of the first month, because the day has a number of “2”, and the number “2” and the Chinese character “love” similar pronunciation, known as the “most love day”, this day has become a popular date to get the certificate.February 17, the reporter to the Nanchang Civil Affairs Bureau to understand in detail on February 22 marriage registration appointment, according to the scene staff Xiong Ting, so far, through the online and offline appointment marriage registration of 563 couples, the number of far more than February 14 Valentine’s Day more than 200 pairs.It is reported that the new couple can make an online appointment through the “Ganfu” platform. If the online appointment is full, they can also make an appointment by phone. On-site registration needs to be carried out in accordance with the time period.”The civil Affairs bureau is open 365 days, and couples can register as long as they come before 5 o ‘clock. Even if there are too many people, the bureau will take delay measures to ensure that everyone can register and get married smoothly.”Xiong ting said.Over the east lake district civil affairs bureau director introduces to the reporter, up to now, through the online booking 116 for marriage registration of the couple, “the day the number of reservation really many, selecting working days for marriage registration of the couple is less, can appear sometimes odd, on February 22nd, the day you feel full of love, choose marriage registration will naturally high.”In addition, according to the Xihu District Civil Affairs Bureau, 163 couples made reservations for marriage registration online and offline;According to the xinjian District Civil Affairs Bureau, more than 150 couples have booked their marriages online and offline, which shows that the day is indeed favored by many couples.In order to prevent the parties due to the required materials are not complete delay registration, Nanchang Civil Affairs Bureau special remind: the marriage parties need to carry both sides of the valid ID card (or temporary ID card within the validity period), the original account book, three 2-inch recent headless photo.Nanchang to speed up the development of affordable rental housing there is no limit on the number of people to rent there is no income line Jiangxi urban built-up area green land rate to maintain the forefront of the country Ganjiang New Area, show the grand blueprint, tree innovation benchmark – International Ecological science and Technology city of Traditional Chinese Medicine started