“I think net borrowings 100 thousand yuan however, how become cheat borrowings!”Man nearly falls into fraud trap!

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Mr. Yuan downloaded an online loan software called “JINGdong Finance” and added the wechat account of “Customer service”, who introduced that the APP had fast approval, high quota and low interest.So Mr. Yuan immediately provided his own information to start a series of procedures, and intends to loan 100,000 yuan.After an hour, “customer service” sent pictures and text, Mr. Yuan thought that must be a successful loan.But when it opens at Mr. Yuan pictures, suddenly paused, looked up picture is “bank of China insurance regulatory commission,” said it due to the loan account information does not appear abnormal, must pay 30% of the loan amount is 100000 yuan ($30000) as a certification thaw gold, otherwise will notify the public security organ to defraud loans sin door-to-door investigation!Beneath the picture are the official seal of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and patches of bright red letters indicating the legal definition and sentencing criteria for the crime.Seeing this picture, Mr. Yuan’s brain blank, leng for a long time began to use the mobile phone crazy code words: HOW should I prove my innocence, I did not defraud loans!Customer service patiently advised Mr. Yuan not to panic, as long as according to the instructions, pay 30,000 yuan certification thawing gold can prove his innocence, Mr. Yuan hurriedly agreed.Mr. Yuan communicated with “customer service” about the transfer.At this time, anti-fraud center received emergency fraud warning, area residents Yuan may be experiencing fraud!Anti-fraud center immediately carried out research and analysis work, quickly telephone contact Mr. Yuan, but the phone has been busy, anti-fraud special class personnel immediately drove to Mr. Yuan’s residence, during the phone call Mr. Yuan.In Mr. Yuan on the mobile phone input transfer verification code, Mr. Yuan received 96110 phone.”Hello, we are anti-fraud center police, you are suffering from risk telecom fraud, do not remittance, do not transfer, we immediately come over!””They say I broke the law, you say I was cheated, who am I supposed to believe?”Mr. Yuan was puzzled.Anti cheat center Mr. Yuan police arrived home, after watching the mobile phone that is a typical loan as minor fraud, and explained the such scams to Mr. Yuan meticulous technique of commonly used routines, under police patient persuasion, Mr. Yuan finally insight, understand this belongs to the loan fraud, and remove the involved cheat software, download the national center for anti cheat APP at the same time.1. Banks and formal loan companies will not require borrowers to pay “margin”, “handling fee”, “service fee” and other fees before applying for loans;2. Strengthen the awareness of self-protection and safeguard their own rights and interests.Be vigilant not to leak personal information and bank card information to the loan platform at will;3, if you are cheated or encounter suspicious circumstances, please pay attention to the protection of evidence immediately dial 110 police source: Lin ‘an Public Security