The big red envelope!Jingdong, Meituan and Cainiao encourage local Chinese New Year, and plan to provide more than 1 billion yuan of subsidies for staying at their posts

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Affected by the epidemic, many regions are still advocating local Spring Festival this year. Against the backdrop of normalized epidemic prevention and control, “Local Spring Festival” has gained active response from more people, and activities such as buying New Year goods and preparing for reunion meals have gradually shifted from offline to online.With the large flow of goods between urban and rural areas and between provinces, in order to keep the Spring Festival goods unblocked, a number of express delivery enterprises have said “The Spring Festival does not close”, so that the goods and thoughts of the Spring Festival through the hands of tens of millions of Courier posts, takeaway little brother, delivered to thousands of households.”About a third of our colleagues on the site are left behind.On the one hand, they want to increase their income, on the other hand, they also respond to the advocacy of local Chinese New Year.What I’m thinking is, if you can’t go back then do a good job.Moreover, the Spring Festival is particularly important, and every order during this period may be related to the customer’s Experience of the Spring Festival.The sense of accomplishment of being needed to deliver a hot meal to a customer and see someone eat with their family also makes it meaningful.”Duan Chengming, meituan’s younger brother, told Time Money with a smile on His lunch break after delivering food on January 25.According to Duan chengming, he is a veteran and has been working in Meituan for nearly three years. This is the second Spring Festival he chose to stay behind.At the Suning Logistics and Transportation Center in Beijing majuqiao, the proportion of freight forwarders who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival is even higher, at about 40 percent.According to team leader Joe teacher introduce to the time of finance and economics, the starting point of goodies for the Spring Festival transportation started in the allocation of transhipment, master team is mainly responsible for the goods from warehouse pick up the goods, and then by the main transport to site, after the site distribution member assigned to different distribution, “team master age between 30 to 50 years old, almost are mainstay of our home, more can bear,Many choose to stay behind.”It is reported that sf Express will deploy 380,000 frontline staff during the Spring Festival, while Cainiao will deploy a record 150,000 staff during the Spring Festival…In a number of Courier companies throw out the “Spring Festival not closed” behind the promise, how to use a perfect incentive mechanism, reasonable increase holiday income to retain front-line Courier, improve the choice of Courier work enthusiasm, etc., have become the focus of attention.After 90, the Courier brother is becoming the main force to stick to the post during the Spring Festival. When the work of others enters the final stage, the Courier brother has ushered in a busy period of work.Fang hongsheng, who was born in 1990, is one of the standard post-90s generation.Having been engaged in the logistics industry for four or five years, he drives his truck through the streets of the city every day, delivering goods one by one to different delivery points such as vegetable farms, companies and factories.”I get up around 1am every day to pick up the goods from the warehouse and start delivering the ‘first round’ of goods.The customers receiving the goods are basically the canteens or vegetable farms of state-owned enterprises. Because they have to do breakfast or open the door to sell vegetables in the morning, the goods of these customers must be delivered on time according to the point.”This Spring Festival, Fang hongsheng did not go back to his hometown in Anhui province, but stuck to the logistics front line, this is his third consecutive Spring Festival in Shanghai.Fang Hongsheng introduced, near the Spring Festival, supermarkets, vegetables and other places of demand for goods are very large, this period of time is also their logistics little brother’s busiest time.The logistics during the Spring Festival is smooth, directly determines whether citizens buy goods smoothly.Therefore, in the Spring Festival of these years, Fang Hongsheng gave up the rest and chose to stick to his post.Like Fang Hongsheng, duan Chengming, who chose to stay behind, is also a typical post-90.He told Caijing that he has been working in Beijing’s Tongzhou Beiguan Station area, and gets along well with the surrounding residents, so he is not alone in delivering goods. “Near the Spring Festival, there is a significant increase in the volume of orders, about 30%, mainly in buying vegetables and catering.”When asked if he wanted to buy a gift for himself after the busy Spring Festival, Duan said, “I just want to buy a new mobile phone for my mother. I bought it for my father last year, and I want to make it up for her this year.””This Spring Festival, I will stay on duty. Although I will not go home, I will be reunited.”Jingdong Courier express Han Maohua Shanghai jiuting the business department is the time of finance and economics, said his hometown in mianyang, sichuan, is he in Shanghai this year 10 years as a Courier, unattended, he also take the initiative to apply for the Spring Festival for families to need special purchases goods, “the struggle over the years have their own room, is rooted in Shanghai, daughter-in-law children all around,Bring your parents here before the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, the company has all kinds of benefits and subsidies, and we can earn thousands of yuan more.”A number of enterprises have accumulated subsidies of more than 1 billion yuan. Behind the little Brothers’ persistence, express companies also offer subsidies and a variety of employee care benefits.For example, we provide Spring Festival gift packages, special incentives, and incentives to return to work, so as to ensure the demand for employment and at the same time, let the Courier and takeout boys harvest warmth and due rewards when they work hard for thousands of families.Time Finance learned that several e-commerce platforms and delivery companies said they would do a good job in ensuring the salary and welfare of couriers during the 2022 Spring Festival.According to incomplete statistics, jingdong Logistics, Cainiao, Meituan, SHentong Express and many other enterprises disclosed the Spring Festival delivery service guarantee scheme, the amount of enterprises planned to subsidize front-line logistics staff accumulated more than 1 billion yuan.On January 26, finance said Meituan aspects of time, in January 2022, Meituan take-out announced to the Spring Festival holiday for seven days is still in the work of the rider to issue 550 million yuan subsidy, and associated with trade unions at all levels across the country have distributed organization free dinner, New Year gift box, site visit and other activities, to reassure the rider on the good years.A rider in Beijing, for example, is expected to receive an average subsidy of 1,000-2,000 yuan over the seven days of the Spring Festival.In addition, jingdong also said to the time finance, Jingdong logistics this year will invest nearly 400 million yuan, to the Spring Festival stick to the frontline employees increase welfare subsidies, so that employees have a healthy, secure “peace of mind year”.Earlier, Cainiao said it would invest more than 300 million yuan in incentive subsidies, which would be directly distributed to cainiao’s front-line industrial employees on duty, including cainiao’s warehousing operation and distribution staff at home and abroad, as well as the stationmaster and front-line younger brothers of cainiao.During this year’s Spring Festival, STO Express also said it would provide a subsidy of 100 million yuan to its front-line employees.At the same time, sto Courier fees will be increased by 1 to 3 yuan per ticket on a daily basis;Zto Express said it will provide perfect incentive policies and welfare guarantee for its front-line employees left behind during the Spring Festival, to ensure that the Courier can enjoy the Spring Festival and provide stable service quality.Deppon Express, on the other hand, will implement multiple incentive policies such as “multiple times withdrawal, guarantee subsidy” for Courier workers who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, and arrange staff rotation and off-peak holidays to ensure sufficient manpower reserves during the festival.”Now we have bonus points, bonus for working on duty during the Spring Festival, bonus for check-in and bonus for opening a red envelope for the New Year. If we can get all these rewards, I estimate we can get around 7,000 yuan,” duan said.If the rider wants to win the Spring Festival duty award, he/she can get an extra bonus of 200 yuan from the 30th to the 3rd day and 100 yuan from the 4th to the 7th day if he/she runs the single and reaches more than 50% of the average single volume at the station on that day.In order to make the front-line employees who stay on post during the Spring Festival spend the Spring Festival safely, jingdong Logistics also said to time Finance that in low-risk cities and regions, employees who stick to their posts will be granted reunion subsidies. Under the condition of ensuring safety, Spring Festival reunion will be realized in strict accordance with local epidemic prevention policies.In situation more complex region, the response “on New Year’s day” initiative put forward by the relevant government departments, ensure the health and safety of the employees and their families as the first principle, reduce turnover, increase staff before and after the Spring Festival and the Spring Festival of hillock, return allowance and other benefits, especially for high risk area in epidemic to frontline employees,Give additional “epidemic area not closed” welfare subsidy.The person in charge of shENTong Express’s “Chinese New Year Without closing” project team said that during the Chinese New Year, in addition to the increase of the distribution fee, the company will distribute New Year red envelopes with amounts ranging from 66 to 666 yuan to the Courier on duty through the APP “Parcel Man” for shentong salesman.It will also provide overtime subsidies, organize New Year’s eve dinners and distribute red envelopes to make people feel “warm”.Suning Logistics also expressed to time Finance that it would provide attendance subsidies, condolence activities, off-peak holidays, selection and commendation, etc., so that the staff left behind can feel care and benefits.(Beijing time Wu Shan)