Important reminder!The track of 3 close contacts in Shenzhen driving through Longmen was announced

2022-07-22 0 By

On February 2, Longmen County received reports of 3 close contacts of shenzhen cases by car passing through The Service area of Longmen on Wuzhou-Shenzhen Expressway (heading for Heyuan). The specific track is as follows: Close contact 1.Contact 3: From 13:15 to 13:32, January 28, when going to the toilet in the Longmen service area of Wuzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, masks will be worn during the whole process.It is recommended that those with the above symptoms go to the nearest nucleic acid testing site for nucleic acid testing as soon as possible, and do a good job of self-health monitoring. If they have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, smell (taste) loss, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea, they should take protective measures and seek medical treatment in time.Source: Longmen