Huangchuan County industry and information bureau hand in hand enterprise love

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Huangchuan county bureau of industry and holding hands love sympathy difficult people love to pose for enterprise of the coming of the Spring Festival in 2022, for days, the huangchuan county bureau of industry and macro sea communication of love hand in hand, hengtai bituminous concrete, shengguang medical logistics companies, to the ancient village township von floor condolences to the needy, infirm, and mastering a whole representative, express love and support for rural revitalization, epidemic prevention and control.On January 27th, the secretary for the ministry xue-hai li and hengtai bituminous concrete chairman of the board of directors of the company Feng Shaowen chairman of the board of directors of the company, the sea macro communication shi-fa zhang, together with the village two committees head, building feng village 25 three types of households, infirm and whole representatives sent to quilt, rice and other articles for daily use, sent to the party and the government for the New Year greetings and best wishes, love enterprise.Zhang Shifa also sent sympathy money to luo Guizhang, a veteran party member.Luo guizhang said, must live up to the party and the government, caring enterprises care and help, continue to play the exemplary role of party members, guide villagers to work together, actively engaged in rural living environment renovation and rural revitalization, for the construction of a better Fenglou play.At zeng Yuanhai’s home, Li Xuehai and his delegation inquired in detail about his health and living conditions after serious illness treatment, and encouraged him to continue to maintain an optimistic attitude and spend his old age, health and longevity under the care of the village party committees and governments at all levels.Zeng expressed heartfelt thanks to the CPC and the government for their care and assistance.Earlier, Li Xuehai, the director of the county Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the responsible person of the bureau, together with Shengguang Medical Logistics Company, also sent food and protective masks to longgu Township Fenglou Village, Weigang Township Huweizi village cadres and helpers, expressed their support to the frontline village cadres of epidemic prevention and control, and actively publicized the epidemic prevention and control policies to the villagers.