Who should the Lakers cut?American media list 3 people!Deandre Jordan is no. 1, and he’s a buyout candidate

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The lakers’ management opted to sit tight at the trade deadline, despite the team’s dire state, because the chips were so effective.That leaves the buyout market as the only way for the lakers to make the playoffs, and several reporters have reported that the lakers will focus on the buyout market.However, the lakers did not clear the market, resulting in the current roster is full, through layoffs to make room for the acquisition of players.To this end, lakeshowlife also recruited the Lakers and sent them three layoff list, among which Jordan ranked the most deserving players in the first place.Meanwhile, the U.S. media also sent the Lakers three buyout targets, respectively is Schroder, Dragic and nets veteran Ben Bury.Benbury, a wing player above the horizon, is Posting a +1.3 defensive rating this season, shooting 41.7 percent from the field despite not shooting much from 3-point range.With Caruso before him, and Stanley Johnson this season, defensive players in Vogel’s system tend to make some kind of breakthrough.Benbury is expected to play a bigger role in the lakers’ system, as they have so many offensive players that he would be a good fit alongside carmelo Anthony and Monk.That is, of course, if the Lakers cut a player to make room for Benbury.Option 3: Bradley, no. 3 on the list because he’s less likely to cut Bradley, is currently heavily used by Vogel, providing vogel’s favorite defensive capabilities.The problem is that Bradley’s defense isn’t nearly as good as it looks. He’s small, limited and, with age, not the top perimeter defender he once was.So far this season, Bradley’s plus-minus is minus-3.6 on 38.1 percent shooting from the field, third worst on the Lakers, with only Horton Tucker and Bazemore worse.Bazemore bounced back last season and became a standout 3D player for the Warriors, making his return highly anticipated by Lakers fans.Early in the season, the Lakers’ coaching staff had high hopes for him, putting him in the starting wing role in the hope that he could replace Matthews, but he was terrible, not only on defense, but also on 3-point shooting, shooting 32.8 percent overall.Even though Bazemore made a comeback and played well during the lakers’ absence, his overall offensive and defensive performance was still below average and nothing compared to Benbury’s.When the Lakers signed Deandre Jordan in the offseason, pelinka was criticized for his lack of understanding of the 5.The result was no surprise, as Jordan also started the season and has since played a bigger role than Howard, but he never delivered.Given Howard’s overall efficiency and above-average offensive and defensive performance this season, and the lakers’ continued use of smaller lineups, the team didn’t need to keep Jordan at all, just play more of the 5 and use Howard.