The fate of the Red Devils duo has been sealed, and Manchester United have begun to collect rent?Ranieri sacked again!

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Masha’s move to sevilla, jin opened a new chapter is on loan, but is also a new beginning for masha’s, is also for the former European jin award winner extremely seriously, willing to bear all his spending, sevilla this season if the longitudinal comparison of their performance is better than Manchester united, they are currently in the Spanish second,There is also the possibility of qualifying for the Champions League next season, the team still have Europa League competition to play, in short, Martial will have a stable playing time in La Liga, in fact, the fans have always said that Ma’s soft ball is biased, he just played some of the Mo.Martial played his last game for United this season against West ham.La Liga is not as competitive as the Premier League, so it is possible that martial’s characteristics will be brought to the table, and it is clear that the united hierarchy are willing to give him a chance to make his mark at Sevilla and return to old Trafford.Lingard transfer blocked, magpie army silly money?Despite reports that lingard is still in the running, many have backed down when it comes to the real deal, and talks with Newcastle have stalled, with Newcastle’s belief in lingard’s move dropping due to united’s high demand.King has played mostly in the first half of the season and has developed a good chemistry with Cristiano ronaldo, although it is not clear why players from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Michael Carrick and Michael Rangnick are not interested in the flow-scoring star.And when Lingard wants to go out there, United are slow to release him and put up all kinds of obstacles.That Manchester united have done is just a little bit not tunnel, Lin lagarde, after all, the contract is less than half a year, compared with masha, Lin lagarde 29 years old age actually less space to grow up, he must do for my future plan, if continue to hold, the worst result is that Lin larger foe, lagarde and Manchester united, of course, who also don’t want to see this happen,After all, king Lam spent his entire youth at old Trafford, so don’t finish the game right and don’t break everyone’s hearts.Short-term contracts wonky, ranieri pinera again for class, except that he is a good coach, led the leicester city of blue fox miracle is also let many fans still vividly, only the teacher is wander, five league basically left his footprint, only in a coaching career of tacit understanding he is more like a transition,In the sampdoria stay time is longer, and came to watford but only 3 months, the team now is in the critical moment, since won the Manchester united team haven’t tasted the taste of victory, it’s no surprise that claudio ranieri’s class, while older than he hodgson became the team’s new coach.After all, hornets have a partnership with China, and hopefully they can avoid relegation in the second half of the league, since the change of manager needs immediate effect, otherwise the money is wasted, isn’t it?