Hongshan Primary School in Wuhua District held the quality analysis meeting of the first semester of 2021 school year

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Teaching quality is the lifeline of school work. In order to further strengthen teachers’ awareness of teaching quality, improve teachers’ teaching level constantly, show their advantages, find out their shortcomings and improve education and teaching.On the afternoon of March 29, Hongshan Primary School in Wuhua District held a quality analysis meeting for the first semester of 2021.Li Xia, the principal, made a summary. She raised expectations for teachers from the three aspects of teacher development, teaching management and school management, hoping that teachers should focus on teaching routine, the teaching management department should strengthen teaching supervision, re-check feedback, re-improve and improve, and re-study problems.She said the school will also improve evaluation methods, encourage and urge teachers to reflect on themselves and adjust their working conditions and thinking in a timely manner, so as to promote teachers’ continuous growth and promote the stability and improvement of teaching quality.At the meeting, Vice principal Zhang Xiaojie made a comprehensive, systematic and accurate analysis of the assessment results of all subjects at the end of last semester based on data from both horizontal and vertical perspectives, sorted out the results of all subjects in the school, and praised the grades and individuals with excellent results, obvious progress and steady progress.At the same time, I put forward suggestions for the improvement of school education and teaching. I hope teachers can implement the double reduction policy, grasp the teaching routine, do homework design and research, promote the reform of teaching methods with homework, and strive for the quality of the 40-minute class.Through quality analysis, Hongshan people will take root in the classroom, stand firm on the platform, and strive to change the status quo with a positive, optimistic, practice-rooted and open research mentality to create an educational environment conducive to promoting their own development.To “know the difficulties, persistent pursuit;Constant dropping wears away the stone;Teamwork and co-creation;With the spirit of practice, reflection and self-renewal, we continue to stay true to our original aspiration and forge ahead.Source: Hongshan Primary School