China-cambodia Agricultural Cooperation usher in uninterrupted “farming season, harvest season”

2022-07-21 0 By

Phnom Penh, China News Service February 12 (reporter Ouyang Kaiyu)Not long ago, on a special occasion, The Chinese side quickly completed quarantine procedures for Cambodian longan, Pasha fish and other agricultural and aquatic products via video.This year, more high-quality Cambodian agricultural products will be put on the table of Chinese families.The agricultural cooperation between China and Cambodia is entering a season of continuous planting and harvest.Despite the fact that COVID-19 will continue through 2021, “good news” continues to emerge from China-Cambodia agricultural cooperation.Last year, Cambodian Mango successfully exported to China after completing video evaluation.Mangoes became the second fresh fruit from Cambodia to be exported directly to China after bananas.As for mangguo’s successful export to China, some commentators said that it seems to be just a mango trade, but this event reflects the brotherly friendship between China and Cambodia.As a staunch friend of Cambodia with a shared future, China will continue to work with Cambodia to deepen practical cooperation in all areas including agricultural products and bring more tangible benefits to the two peoples.Less than a month later, Cambodian edible aquatic animal export enterprises completed the filing with the General Administration of Customs of China.The aquatic animals, such as Mantis shrimp, mantis shrimp, monopterus eels, Ophiopterus ophiopterus and Ophiopterus SPP., can be exported to Chinese market.In another area, the Chinese market is becoming increasingly important for Cambodia’s rice exports.Earlier, the two sides signed a memorandum of understanding on Cooperation on China’s purchase of 400,000 tons of Cambodian rice, which will take effect in December 2021 and last for 17 months.According to reports, Cambodia’s rice export in 2021 was 617,000 tons, down 10.68% year on year, but its export to China was 306,000 tons, up 7% year on year. China is still the largest exporter of Rice to Cambodia.This year, with the formal implementation of the China-Cambodia Free Trade Agreement and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement, china-Cambodia agricultural cooperation will embrace new opportunities.The latest news said that Cambodia’s pepper export to China has made progress.The Cambodian side is actively filling out the questionnaire on the admission of pepper export to China and will complete the questionnaire by February 2022.Cambodia royal agricultural college somaclone Ding Yang center expert points out, the formal implementation of the agreement will be will bring convenience for agricultural exports in Cambodia, expect under the policy of good, Cambodia agriculture can rapid development, has become an important production base of global tropical crops, cooperation sino-cambodian tropical agricultural products should also have a larger space.Media comments of Cambodia, Cambodia rice, banana, mango, coconut, cashew, such as high-quality agricultural products, will be exported to more countries in the world, and effectively promote the enterprises to improve business efficiency and the sustainable development in Cambodia, there is no doubt that the future bilateral agricultural cooperation prospect will be broader, the status of the Chinese market will be more important.(after)