CCTV5 live!China football life and death battle, China and Japan duel 18 points kick, break 24 years of the Japanese curse

2022-07-21 0 By

With wu Lei, Alan, Luo Guofu and other overseas and naturalized players, as well as the arrival of the chief assistant peipu, the National football team officially opened the showdown between China and Japan.As the first game of the National football Team in the New Year, it is also the first game that Li Xiaopeng coached the National football team.Before the game, including the guidance of Li Xiaopeng, Chinese Super League local shooter zhang Yuning, and Wu Lei expressed their attitude to go all out.He wants to bring joy to fans with satisfactory process and results.To put it bluntly, it means taking all 3 points against Japan.About beating Japan to get 3 points, break the spell of 24 years without winning Japan, for Li Xiaopeng and the National football team is not so simple to say (in 1998, the National football team 2-0 Japan cup).We can see from li Xiaopeng’s 52 people’s name list to the final 27 people’s name list (actually 26 people).He gathered almost all of China’s best players together, and then selected 27 of the best players, especially rich in individual ability and tournament experience, to go to Japan.Since taking office, Li Xiaopeng for the first time shielded the fans’ call: “Bring more young players to the level training”.As the head coach with the highest emotional intelligence in the history of The National football Team, li Xiaopeng’s every move since taking office is very popular with fans and media.Why, only in the selection of players this key point, the guidance of Li Xiaopeng shielded the fans’ voice?You know, Li Tie’s downfall, the original reason is the use of players in the problem did not let the fans satisfied.Does Li Xiaopeng also want to follow in li Tie’s footsteps?Of course not.Li Xiaopeng chose to reuse experienced veteran, because he saw the national football team and the hope of qualifying.So far, after six rounds of the round of 12, China has accumulated five points with one win, two draws and three losses, ranking fifth in the group, six points behind Australia in third place.With four rounds to go, China needs to win all but 12 points to move to 17.A win of 4 in a row means Australia will lose to China, leaving Australia with 3 fewer points.Next, Australia also has to face Vietnam, Japan, Saudi Arabia, in the next 3 games, Australia as long as another loss 1 draw 1, The National football team can get the group 3.Then, seek to qualify through the intercontinental play-offs.The odds are low, but it’s not impossible.Now all China has to do is play their own game and try to get all three points from every game.For The National football team, the next game will be a battle of life and death, as long as the loss of any game will be declared in advance completely out of the Qatar World Cup.Therefore, January 27 at 18 o ‘clock on the afternoon of the battle between China and Japan, it has become the national football team this world preliminary tournament can go out of the battle of life and death.Because of this, CCTV5 also pays special attention and will broadcast the game live at 17:55 on the same day.Pay attention to the National football team, the fans of Chinese football, then can witness together through TV, the National football team can break the 24 years of unbeatable Japan spell.