The balcony just sealed, upstairs inhabitant goes to complain secretly, property is helpless: seal the balcony is ok, have to repack

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These days I am depressed, still be not in the home seal the disaster that the balcony causes, property comes to say my home was complained by upstairs owner, the reason is the material of my home seal the balcony is reflective, must immediately opened, but my home this just finished construction, and I am the balcony that seals together with the neighbor, why does unluckily say my home violate construction?I’m really pissed off, but I have no choice but to tear it down.Property is also very helpless, because village is wrong layer balcony, stand upstairs bow the head to be able to see the balcony downstairs, this also partake of upstairs resident to say my balcony glance, and rainy day noise is too big, so upstairs owner just complain secretly, it is ok that I change a kind of material?Nature is not so simple, the balcony of wrong layer wants to seal, still have the problem that a few need notice.My home seeks property to agree at the beginning, helpless upstairs informs against, it is ok to seal balcony now, but still had to tear open heavy outfit!Because the family also should consider oneself guard against theft and glance the problem, besides discuss ahead of schedule so, the material that can glance as far as possible avoids on the choice of material, be complained by the neighbor to the time otherwise have to tear apart, my home is not this kind of circumstance!Next one big shortcoming of the balcony of wrong layer, it is suspended, belong to convex balcony, so aseismic ability is poor, bearing force is bad also, so seal the material that the balcony chooses besides quality is good beyond, weight must not be overweight, can increase the bearing of the balcony otherwise, later period appears problem easily.Although above nevertheless these conditions can be satisfied, owner wants to seal the balcony of wrong layer, height cannot exceed the height of floor, width also cannot exceed the balcony, not beautiful still can exist safety hidden trouble not only otherwise, come so, village property nature also won’t allow.When decorating, seal the balcony will affect the appearance of the community, so it is best to go to the property office to report in advance, in addition, do not affect the daily life of the surrounding neighbors, or the property and neighbors together to come to trouble.This article is collated and published by Qi Jia Xiaobian, some works come from the Internet, it is impossible to verify the true source, if involved in infringement, please contact xiaobian directly to delete, thank you!(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)