“Rain mother-in-law” is about to holiday for two days, Shanghai will welcome a brief sunny

2022-07-20 0 By

Recently, the weather in Shanghai has been rain mother-in-law “singing the leading role”, and the sun father-in-law “still hold the pipa half cover face”.Intermittent weak sunshine is very limited in helping temperature rise, rain accompanied by north wind, low temperature, high humidity, wet and cold intensified.The highest temperature in Shanghai today (February 3) was only around 7℃.Shanghai will see two days of short sunny weather from February 4 to 5, according to the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory.Meanwhile, the highest temperature in Shanghai is expected to rise slightly to 8 degrees Celsius on Thursday.However, after two short days fine days, with the development of the south trough again, 6 evening Shencheng will restore the rain.The term “southern trough” is often associated with winter precipitation in southern China.Meteorological experts said that the south branch trough is a weather system, is a low trough in low latitude areas, also known as the subtropical westerly trough, generally refers to the 500 hPA south branch westerly trough.The front of the south branch corresponds to convergence updraft and falling area, while the back of the south branch corresponds to divergent downdraft and sunny weather.It is often the key reason for precipitation in southern China in winter.From February 6 to 7, Shanghai will usher in a new round of precipitation, which will be wet and cold again.The light rain will stop on The 8th, but the sun will hardly be seen, and the rain will appear again on the 9th.