Yan ‘an railway police carried out safety publicity activities to prevent telecom network fraud and pickpocket

2022-07-19 0 By

January 30, Yan ‘an railway public security sub-chief station police station in-depth area station line, railway station waiting room, in order to distribute publicity materials, on-site explanation and other forms, to staff and passengers to explain various means of telecom fraud, introduced the recent network fraud cases,Explain the characteristics of telecom fraud cases, fraud methods and how to identify, respond to, prevent cheated methods, to remind passengers to remain vigilant, do not disclose personal information to strangers, such as suspicious circumstances, timely and relatives and friends to discuss or dial 110 alarm phone, so as to avoid illegal infringement.If be cheated, should keep good relevant evidence, wait like the other side account, contact telephone, transfer voucher, report a case to public security organ immediately.At the same time, the police of zichang station took advantage of the time when there were more passengers waiting for the bus, and publicized and explained the relevant knowledge of preventing pickpocketing to the public through the distribution of publicity materials and on-site explanation.Improve the general staff and passengers of anti-fraud ability and anti-theft awareness.