Russian media: Russia will “dagger” the NATO side of the range covering the whole of Europe

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Russia’s Air force deployed mig-31K fighter jets equipped with Daggers in Kaliningrad region, according to a report on the website of Russia’s Viewpoint newspaper on February 8.The Dagger has a range of 2,000 kilometers, covering the whole of Europe.To what extent will the enclave be fortified by nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles?Why did Russia publicly show this missile to NATO?A Russian mig-31K fighter jet carrying a hypersonic missile was spotted over Kaliningrad on Tuesday.Eyewitness video showed the plane flying low over railways and roads.Sources estimated that the warplane in the video was heading for Chekarovsk airport, 9 kilometers northwest of Kaliningrad.Two mig-31K fighter jets flew from Solizi Air Base in Novgorod oblong to Chernyakhovsk base in Kaliningrad oblong last Thursday, another source said.It was accompanied by Su-35S from the Western Military District and Su-30 from the Baltic Fleet.Sources said one of the mig-31K jets, armed with Dagger missiles, completed a training flight “near NATO borders”.The exact route was not specified, but it is worth noting that the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad oblast borders two NATO countries, Poland and Lithuania.”Surveillance of Russian warplanes will only intensify after daggers appear in Kaliningrad Oblast,” the source said.Arguably, NATO was taken aback by a hypersonic missile capable of hitting almost anywhere in Europe, not to mention having no means of dealing with hypersonic targets.”In June 2021, media reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense decided to strengthen the Western military region (including Kaliningrad Prefecture) with daggers.Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov pointed out that the long-term deployment of mig-31K fighters equipped with Daggers in Kaliningrad Oblong will definitely strengthen the military cluster of the Western Military District and Baltic Fleet.”Neither Lithuania, Nor Poland, nor NATO as a whole, has a solution to the dagger,” Leonkov stressed.The newest weapon NATO has is the U.S. ‘Standard’ -6 anti-aircraft missile that can intercept ballistic targets, but it is not effective against active mobile targets.”The daggers can fly at 10 times the speed of sound and maneuver throughout the flight, the report said.It can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads with a range of up to 2,000 kilometers.”Daggers can actually cover the whole of Europe, hitting Germany, France, Italy and all European NATO countries in the deep zone,” said Konstantin Sivkov, a Russian reserve navy colonel.He believes the presence of migs carrying daggers in Kaliningrad oblastation was a purely political decision.The report notes that the deployment of the latest weapons in Russia’s western enclave comes against a political backdrop of stalled talks between Moscow, Washington and Brussels over security guarantees.Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed On Tuesday that European countries would be dragged into a military conflict with Russia if Ukraine joined NATO and decided to take back Crimea.Russia is one of the major nuclear powers and there would be no winners in a military conflict with NATO.As well as stoking the flames in Ukraine, the report says the West also has bad intentions for Kaliningrad.In late January, an American military analyst called on Poland and Lithuania to quickly take steps to offset kaliningrad’s military advantage and diminish its role in an armed conflict between NATO and Russia.Vladimir Popov, a Russian military expert, stressed: “Russia shows by this that it is ready to defend itself, including kaliningrad, which is being held by NATO countries.”