Enrollment starts in 2022!In Gansu province, 29 undergraduate majors were added to 15 universities

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On February 24, the Ministry of Education announced the registration and approval results of undergraduate majors in colleges and universities in 2021, with 15 universities in Gansu province adding 29 majors and starting enrollment in 2022.In 2021, 1,961 specialized points will be added and 804 specialized points will be abolished, and 31 new majors will be listed in The Catalogue of Undergraduate Majors of Colleges and Universities, as follows:International taxation, international economic development cooperation, discipline inspection and supervision,Railway police, labor education and the history of science, planetary science, optoelectronic materials and devices, the hydrogen science and information engineering, sustainable energy, wisdom, energy engineering, intelligent building and intelligent traffic, water conservancy, intelligent wisdom earth exploration, resources and environment data, carbon storage science and engineering, biomass energy and materials engineering, intelligent transportation, Marine intelligent electric propulsion technology, empty days wisdomTechnology, Timber Structure building and Materials, Biological breeding science, Wetland Protection and Restoration, Intelligent Forestry, Customs inspection, charity Management, Folk Art, Musical Theatre, Science and technology Art, Fine arts Education, Jewelry design and Craft.List of Newly added Undergraduate Majors in Universities of Gansu Province School Name Major Category of Degree Conferment Length of Study Remarks Resource Exploration Engineering, Lanzhou University, four years Animal Science, Agriculture, Lanzhou University, four years New Energy Materials and Devices Engineering, Lanzhou University of Technology, four years Big Data Management and Application ManagementFour years of biopharmaceutical Engineering in Gansu Agricultural University two years of Medical Information Engineering in Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Four years of Korean Language and Literature in Northwest Normal University Four years of Statistical Science in Northwest Normal University Four years of Microelectronics science and Engineering in Lanzhou City University Four years of Civil Engineering in Lanzhou City UniversityFour years of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology, Hexi University, Four years of Management of Elderly Care Services, Hexi University, Four years of Economics statistics, Four years of Economics, Network and New Media Literature, Four years of Data Science and Big Data Technology Engineering, four years of Dance Performance Art, Gansu Normal University for NationalitiesFour years leisure Sports Education of Gansu Normal University for Nationalities four years Primary Education education of Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences Four years Art of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection of Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences four years Robot Engineering engineering of Lanzhou University of Technology Four years Road, Bridge and River Crossing Engineering engineering of Lanzhou University of Technology four years Financial Technology of Lanzhou University of TechnologyFour years of Economics, Four years of Big Data Management and Applied Management, Lanzhou Bowen University of Science and Technology, four years of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, Lanzhou University of Information Science and Technology, four years of smart grid Information Engineering, Gansu Agricultural University, Veterinary Public Health agriculture, five years of TCM Rehabilitation medicine, Gansu University of Traditional Chinese MedicineLanzhou University of Arts and Sciences accounting management 4 years Gansu Medical College preventive medicine 5 years