Avoid “chasing the upside and killing the downside”!A detailed explanation, this “treasure book” please close!

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Since 2022, the A-share market has been falling all the way, and investor sentiment is depressed. Some investors even have doubts about whether to redeem the fund.In fact, in the investment if frequent “chasing up”, “high plate, low cut meat”, inappropriate timing operation, is likely to lead to “fund products make money, but investors do not make money” phenomenon.With industry “, in fund investment, long-term investment market parties will continue to advocate, rational investment and value, use the fund to be cast surely, methods of holding period funds, funds for gu, constantly optimize the product form or investment method, accumulated in low market own chips, long investment period, can be big probability to obtain a better return on investment.Today, the fund gentleman will come and everyone together dish dish – fund cast.What is fund cast after all?How to choose the target of investment?What to know before you commit?Decided to cast loss to continue even?Is there a pit?Here, the fund gentleman specially selected 2021 Yinghua issued a good article, once again for investors to learn reference, New Year earnings all the way changhong!(Click the title of the article to jump to the details page) in the case of market fluctuations, the choice of fund is undoubtedly a steady, easy choice, so how to choose their own funds, and long-term investment?Before choosing fund to cast mark, investor basically considers two aspects factor: 1, oneself risk bear force how?2. Know your capital term and how long you expect to invest?Fund cast is to buy fund in batches with fixed time interval or in fixed time.Through the purchase platform, confirm the share of each purchase and the time point of fixed investment, the system will automatically input.Of course, there are now more intelligent investment methods, according to the market ups and downs, to automatically judge the size of the amount of investment.The average investor has a hard time timing his investments, and may often buy at the top of the market and sell at the bottom.And the use of regular fixed investment funds, no matter how the market fluctuations, fixed time fixed amount of investment funds.The capital that such investor buys fund is put in on schedule, the cost of investment also compares average.Rise and fall of the market, some blue chip style fund retracement is obvious, hot track has also been called back, many people sigh this year to buy a lonely fund.Even the choice of investors, this year is also very difficult, a few days ago there was a user to Xiaoxia message: why my fund set up a fixed investment, but has been a loss of money, do you want to continue?I believe that many partners also have a similar situation, began to cast, but after a long time did not pick up, said good cast for shock city?Should you stick with your account as it shrinks?In fact, the loss of the cast may not be an individual phenomenon, do not panic when this situation occurs, read the following three sets of data, you may be more calm.What is a scheduled investment?The fund casts certainly is the abbreviation that regular norm invests fund, it is to point to be in fixed time (be like every month 1 day) with fixed amount (be like 500 yuan) in the open mode fund that invests to designate.Compared with one-time investment, regular investment has certain discipline and more stable investment objectives, and both can exist as different asset allocation methods at the same time.One of the advantages of fixed investment: reduce investment costs.The advantage of cast two: reduce the difficulty of timing.Every time to the market shock, the fund has become a focus on the approach, on the one hand can abandon the short-term market noise, on the one hand layout for a long time.But a lot of small partners may not understand is that the fund is scheduled to invest this “lazy way of financing” is also learned, if you do not do your homework in advance, it is easy to step into a misunderstanding.Fund decides to cast, popularly say to invest regularly namely same fund, had decided to begin to cast time only, the frequency that decides to cast, the amount that decides to cast only, the system will be deducted automatically according to setting.Some platforms can also set stop-profit targets, and when the revenue reaches the target, it will automatically sell and fall into the bag for safety, solving the two big problems of when to buy and when to sell at one stroke.Moreover, fixed investment spreads the cost of the whole investment period through regular fixed purchase, and reduces the investment risk, striving to obtain long-term excess return.However, although the casting is good, if you do not know what to start casting, it is likely to “step on the pit”, can not play the effectiveness of the casting should be, a waste of time and investment.Today summer to take stock of those easy to step on the “pit”, I opened a lot of lectures, teach a lot of casting skills, but I found that there are still a lot of people can not insist on casting.A loss on the stop, a profit on the double, and finally back to the old road.Later, I found that the skills of casting are not important, what is important is to understand the mindset of casting before casting, how to stabilize the investment mentality is the key.This is the starting point of the unity of knowledge and action.So today’s article, director to talk to you, how to straighten out my cast mentality?Before casting, I think we should straighten out the goal of casting, so as to manage the mentality.The goal of investment in my opinion, there are only 2:1, learn to invest (the core is to learn to use reason to overcome emotion) 2, with the way of investment, management flow of funds (how to deal with wages) “I how can not manage my hands!”After the crazy shopping spree, we still have a lot to face: dozens of parcels waiting for delivery, credit card bills costing thousands of yuan, and the hard life in the next two months.Of course, there may have to be “grain” of the fund to invest.As a new generation of young people, we always face a lot of temptations every day, such as new games, mobile phones, clothes, bags, parties called by friends, travel, and have to follow the “money”, girlfriend’s holiday expenses and so on.Even with the fund to help us forced savings, we may always have a few months in a year, in the face of the distress of the life of the fund to invest “cut off” situation.Some may be off for months, some may be off for life…Once the wealth planning, the dream of the small Treasury, but also so “evaporate”.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn