New Year’s Eve chase!Zhifu public security successfully solved a theft case worth 400,000 yuan

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Bold thieves continue to commit crimes zhifu public security staged New Year’s Eve pursuit value of 400,000 theft cases successfully solved……At the end of January everyone is in the year of the Tiger, but zhifu several owners have encountered trouble.The theft of three yuan catalytic converters occurred in the area of chu police station for two consecutive days, with a total of 8 stolen, involving a value of more than 400,000 yuan.After the incident, the Zhifu public Security bureau command center, criminal investigation brigade, only chu police station quickly launched a joint investigation, a New Year’s Eve hunt began.During the Spring Festival, the police through the scene investigation, visit investigation, synthetic research and judgment, and finally found clues of the suspect.After comprehensive investigation, the suspects were identified as two men. They cooperated in the crime and stole 8 three-yuan catalytic converters in two days.Line tracking, found that the suspect left Yantai after the incident to Tai ‘an, then returned to Yantai, the final lock of the suspect’s foothold.On February 7, the opportunity is ripe, the police will be two theft suspects Shen mou, Shen mou were respectively captured in its foothold, two people to the theft of 8 three catalytic converters of the criminal facts confessed, and seized part of the stolen stolen goods.Dig and investigate, follow the trail, the police went to Tai ‘an will help two suspects hide the criminal gains of the suspect Ma captured.After investigation, suspects Shen, Shen stole 8 three catalytic converters, 2 hidden in Zhifu, then, two people driving cars with another 6 to Tai ‘an sold 2, the remaining 4 stored in suspect Ma.At present, the suspect Shen, Shen for suspected theft, suspect Ma for suspected of concealing the proceeds of the crime were zhifu public security criminal detention according to law, the case is being further investigated, the remaining stolen goods are fully recovered.Source: only Chu police station, criminal investigation brigade, command center