“He will have more fans in his home country,” su’s two idols said after the match

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China’s Su Yiming made history by winning a silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final at The Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou on Feb 7, while Canada’s Max Parrott won gold and Canada’s Mark McMorris bronze.Less well known is that Max was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma just 10 months after winning silver in Pyeongchang.Speaking at his post-match press conference, Max Parrott said: “Cancer treatment has been a nightmare and it’s good to be back.I went through great difficulty and couldn’t train for a long time.I’m just so grateful to be back, to be here at the Olympics, to win a gold medal, it’s a dream.”After the match, Su said it was a magical moment to share the stage with her two idols.”I grew up with an idol who led me into snowboarding my whole life,” Said Mark McMorris. “I know exactly what Yiming Su is.The first time I saw him, he was a kid.He has talent, he loves skiing and he will have more fans in his home country.I’ve been through it all, and I understand how special it is.I wanted the panda to look good on my skis, and it’s so special in China. I didn’t know the mascot was a panda, “said McMorris, whose panda skateboard caught the eye.Author: Shen Lei Photo: Visual China editor: Wang Xiaoli Responsible editor: Lu Yifeng * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate source.