Are SUVs getting more expensive?These three models are practical and durable, and you can get them in 18W

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Are SUVs getting more expensive?These three models are practical and durable, and can be found in 18W.I have been waiting for you here for a long time. I would like to sincerely thank you for your patronage and wish your excellency a dream come true and a long life. Without further ado, let’s talk about SUV:As we all know, SUV internal space is more spacious than the car, not only has the advantages of eating less oil and higher cost performance, but also used for family tourism is quite down-to-earth, is the important reason that other models can not break through, so it has been recognized by a large number of friends, and also acts as a lot of working people’s travel car.This time, the author will talk about inexpensive SUV models from the most objective point of view. Of course, it will also bring you a lot of unexpected small dry goods. Let’s see which one you prefer!Tanyue No1 tanyue selling price: 186900 to 26.4900 inventory of tanyue sales analysis: Tanyue is carefully built by FAW-Volkswagen, debut so far it has been in the market is obvious to all, and the final transaction price of Tanyue is quite attractive, so it has been the favor and praise of the tide of consumers.It is reported that recently, Tanyue has achieved another good performance, breaking through 13,511 units at a stroke, and sitting on the 23rd place in a surprise. It is absolutely a well-known overseas and bright online celebrity model in the outstanding domestic auto market, perfectly beating many outstanding models in the SUV camp.To be honest, no SUV in the world is absolutely flawless, but I still believe that the Tanyueh’s inherent competitiveness is still worthy of its name.It is because the extraordinary strength of yue exploration is in your eyes.Many friends must have a feeling that the absolute core competitiveness of Tanyue is favored by you, and I believe that its turnover performance in the next stage will definitely be exciting.The appearance of the exploration yue is very sharp, the car paint is very scratch resistant, and very bright waist line is also quite absorb fine and temperament, open three five seven years believe that will not lag behind.The eye-catching front of Tanyue, the whole gas field is also very large, the double lines of flowers and flowers are low in front and turned up at the back, beautiful and simple, and a group of ambitious LED halogen headlights are distributed on both sides, waist line and internal style are quite careful, compared with the old tanyue.Figure part: explore the internal space of yue is also very humanized, give us to create a special carefree feeling, its store the position of the “style” is also very reliable, is undoubtedly reliable.The size of the tanak is 4,589 mm, 1,860 mm and 1,660 mm, and it is not crowded even when several dogs of common weight are sitting on it.This shows that the practicality of exploration can be said to be very good.Get more car lovers to give it 100,000 likes.At the same time, the trunk has a lot of room to open, so it can fit a lot of stuff in.Practical aspect is quite good, is definitely my favorite type.In addition to its shiny exterior and luxurious understatement interior, tanak’s power output is very good. Its powertrain is capable of delivering up to 220p of power, and it is matched with a 7-block wet dual clutch gearbox, so the power output is very stable.That’s great.And tanyue uses a high-end cast iron engine, so its final life is very good.In addition, the displacement performance of the exploration is also quite reliable, it seems that some people hate the self-priming device, public information shows that the displacement of the exploration is 2.0t, 1.4T.Relevant comments: many owners must have this feeling: by FAW-Volkswagen carefully polished mountain, in the class of 260,000 grade SUV is a special atmosphere.The appearance level of explore yue is targeted absolutely, body body built especially obvious luxurious colour, built a kind of feeling that remembered first love.At the same time, Tan Yue’s legs are also very good in extension, sitting on the seat does not feel crowded, and tan Yue is also more resistant to drive, in the SUV camp is very good.Car Friends comment 2:Yue fuel consumption performance is best, perhaps because in faw Volkswagen manufacturer used the unique oil control technology, for the moment, the radical accident) is not too much, sometimes the traffic road conditions will be more a few, moreover is worth everyone a good praise, the agent yue fuel or a spectrum, now its fuel consumption is less than 9 l / 100 km or so,Overall, the performance of the exploration yue fuel consumption is acceptable, in the field of competing SUV must be able to be the most handsome.Therefore, I am pleased, and my colleagues all say that the exploration is worth boasting.Of course, if you are driving in desert areas, the actual fuel consumption is expected to be higher.I am an unmarried student, and saving on dating expenses should cover many days of gas costs.So I don’t have to worry too much about money while I’m driving.Although the run-in time is not very long at present, the author always believes that after the run-in period, the oil consumption of exploration will definitely be lower in the future.Owner’s point of view: I believe a lot of friends have such a feeling: the chassis is a bit too hard, although to avoid the mountain will not appear swaying condition, but when entering the bumpy road, can obviously be aware of the car in swaying.If you’re an older friend, you’re probably going to feel uncomfortable in the P shares.In addition, the chassis position of mountain exploration can feel clear tire noise, especially when the road conditions are more serious when reaching potholes and steep slopes. In addition, the pedal of THE SUV will occasionally vibrate during the acceleration process. Some friends also reflect the following problems: 1.The peculiar smell of yue’s interior is particularly prominent when just opening home.The second model, Haffer M6: Price range: 66,000 ~ 92,900 Haffer M6 has a strong sense of fashion, which is very satisfactory for me.Harvard M6 front face is very powerful, and the generation of harvard M6 compared with basic without any inconsistencies, like a tiger, China open style is very outstanding, more good-looking, and harvard M6 doorknob mix a lot of silver, multicolored chrome plated adornment lamps are particularly strong sense of science and technology, as a wild tiger “eyes” yi yi is unripe brightness,Moreover, the side body is very smooth, and there are also a number of sleek waist line matching, and continues the high-end design style of Haffer M6 double waist line as always, from the rear part of the car directly surrounded to the front, further highlighting the dynamic of the whole car.And the glossiness of harvard M6 is great, and the overall brightness is great.Anyway, it was great.Haval M6 tail shape is more unique, at the same time the rear rear taillight group design sense is very unique, looks more recognizable, so, many friends have this feeling: the appearance of Haval M6 design or more durable drop.Women and friends initially bought the Harvard M6 for its appearance.Elder brother Zheng, a senior car owner, commented: “When I don’t have enough money at my disposal, I usually go to offline 4S shops to shake off my addiction. At present, I feel that the sound insulation effect of the cash Haffer M6 is” thief “and it is quiet on the road. Even though the quality is so heavy and the car is still so long, the performance is relatively good.Comments on appearance: I think the appearance level of The Tiger 7 is very simple, the front grille and wheels are smoked black, almost overflowing the entire front face.In addition, the design of the LED headlights in front of the Tiger 7 is particularly youthful. The overall chassis is low and solid, and the high-speed turning is smooth and smooth, and the control is very smooth.The body is full of temperament lines, with a slender body, such as flowing, in addition, LED taillight group lit is also quite good-looking.Shining, as a whole, The Tiger 7 is quite tangible and has a tail that gives a very high-end feeling.Compared with the previous Tiger 7 old more colorful, domineering.Interior overview Tiger 7 a lot of details can reflect the designer’s care.Sufficient materials, especially excellent assembly, easy to control, and at the same time, the rotation button and the air conditioning button have a unique damping feeling, which is the objective evaluation of many car friends on the Tiger 7.On the other hand, the high-end steering wheel of the Tiger 7 is very light and precise, and the overall driving experience is very good.In addition, the back of the back seat of the Tiger 7 is very soft, and the support is particularly good. The internal padding is mostly filled with soft fabrics. Sitting feeling two “August 15” is very pleasant, I bought it mainly for business greeting, and the customer leaders said that they were sitting comfortably.And the smell of The Tiger 7 is almost non-existent.And the noise inside the car is almost imperceptible.So the long term experience is safe.Dynamically, the start of the Tiger 7 can be said to be instantaneous.As smooth as milk tea, speed is not intermittent feeling at all.As long as the oil, can achieve overtaking.And the push-back feeling is also very strong, noise reduction performance is also very good, usually not in-depth experience, is not feel the following engine device exit, this aspect is undoubtedly very good.In addition, because its power belongs to more abundant, and xiaobian weekdays is mainly on business, so there is no need to do too much upgrading of its power system.Car friends comment 1: Looking at it, I feel very powerful.Nearly 5 m long length, headlights use unique integrated design, brightness is also very good.And ruihu 7 net position is mouth type sinking structure, thick chrome trim and bright LED headlights on both sides of the distribution, look more fashionable and earth gas, in addition, Ruihu 7 hub is the original large size, size is particularly moderate, regardless of its size or workmanship are particularly bright.It looks very grand.The side looks at to have already seeing feeling especially, the bumper in front is special don’t lovely, it is novel mellow style, revealed pure and elegant noble feeling.Sound insulation is particularly impressive in suVs of the same class, and I like the quiet environment.As an SUV, the fuel consumption of The Tiger 7 is also ok.In a word, the price of The Tiger 7 is quite real, the top match does not need 14W tickets to take home, since the start of the Tiger 7 xiaofian family will often go out.Car Friends comment 2:I mainly engaged in the electronics industry, and is especially good face, general car I’m despises eye, but since she bought the car, each leading lady, small fart child to go out, go out or do business feel unique face, touch the steering wheel is came up, at the same time science and technology are also very tall, my child always asked me what tiggo or dingle 7 outside?I told you Tiger-7 was the perfect mount for your dad.Another is the feeling of operation. Sometimes I feel very tired when talking about business, and I want to have a good rest when driving. This car can be said to meet my driving needs and desires to a great extent.Juyou review 3: satisfied, I satisfied with the tiggo or dingle 7 is special, not only brand strength, and comfort, would also be great, since I was young, I like the car, after a long struggle, finally is to buy a private tiggo or dingle 7, ride comfort, is particularly great, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, fuel consumption is not high also, absolutely satisfied the requirement of my car.The key advantage of the Tiger 7 is its economy and fuel efficiency, which makes it more like an electric car. In fact, the price of the models from different manufacturers varies greatly.Tanak, Haval M6 and Ruihu 7 have the lowest prices of 150,700 yuan, 63,900 yuan and 101,900 yuan, respectively.It can be found that the price difference of the above models is still very big. I do not know whether you like Tanyue or Ruihu 7?Finally I sincerely wish the predestined friends smooth sailing, family happiness.If you like this article, please give it a thumbs up.Are SUVs getting more expensive?These three models are very practical and durable, you can get them in 18W if you want to know more exciting content, please pay attention to Xiao Wang