A shares: important announcements of five listed companies such as Oufei Guang

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A shares: the thin light and so on five important announcements of listed company picture from network 1, the thin light letter: requirements detailed company provision for impairment of assets is the thin light received letter of shenzhen stock exchange concerned requirements detailed company provision for impairment of assets, including but not limited to the asset types, write-downs basis, measuring process, etc.;Verify and explain whether the relevant impairment evidence and basis occurred in 2021, whether there is a one-time provision for large impairment, and whether the provision for impairment of relevant assets in previous years is sufficient.Combined with the agreement arrangement, time of agreement signing and performance review procedure and progress of the company’s compensation for anhui Jingzhuo asset impairment loss, the rationality of the compensation loss included in 2021 is detailed, and whether it conforms to the relevant provisions of accounting standards for enterprises.2. Guizhou Sanli: Proposed to acquire 95% equity of Decchangxiang for 232 million Yuan. Guizhou Sanli announced that it intends to become the bankruptcy restructuring investor of Decchangxiang, with a one-time investment of 232 million yuan to acquire 95% equity of Decchangxiang.”Dechangxiang” brand is a century-old brand with great influence. Its predecessor is Guiyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Factory, which has many high-quality drug approvals.The company’s investment in Dechangxiang is based on expanding product categories, solving the risk of the company’s relatively concentrated products, and enhancing the company’s industry competitiveness, which is of positive significance to the company’s market competition and development ability.3, Opu Kang: the subsidiary company plans to obtain 51% of Yunnan Jiumu opu Kang announced that Opu investment plans to own funds of 13,045,300 yuan, Kunming Opu Kang plans to own funds of 8,416,300 yuan to invest in Yunnan Jiumu.Upon completion of the investment, Op Capital will hold 31% of yunnan Jiamu’s equity, while Kunming Vision Health will hold 20% of Yunnan Jiamu’s equity.Yunnan Jiamu’s business scope is mainly in Yunnan Province, mainly engaged in angular plastic mirror and care products and other related businesses. It has resource advantages in regional medical and optometry channels, strong regional market influence, high profit level and growth potential.4. Shenlian Bio: The relevant production line “Veterinary Drug GMP Certificate” and “Veterinary Drug Production License” expires, the company has recently received the “Veterinary Drug GMP Certificate” and “Veterinary Drug Production License” issued by Shanghai Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.Among them, the acceptance scope of veterinary GMP Certificate is immunological diagnostic products (class A), molecular biological diagnostic products (class B);The production scope of veterinary Drug Production License includes immunological diagnostic products (class A) and molecular biological diagnostic products (class B).5, Yishang display:The project won the 2021 Guangdong Science and Technology Award. According to the “2021 Guangdong Science and Technology Award Project” published by the Office of Guangdong Science and Technology Award Evaluation Committee recently,It was learned that the project “High-precision multi-node 3D sensor automatic Measurement technology and Application industrialization” that the company participated in won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangdong Province in 2021.