Typical cases of consumer rights protection: Education and training “guaranteed classes” have not been guaranteed, and it is difficult to refund

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On the morning of March 13, fujian Provincial Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Commission, Fujian Provincial Product Quality Inspection Research Institute and other organizations jointly held the March 15 consumer rights and Interests Protection Day commemoration activities.Ten typical cases of consumer rights protection were released at the event, one of which involved the “Middle school education” class.Typical cases disclosed, Mr. Zhang to “Public education” training institutions registered to participate in the “enjoy learning” training class, the training agreement signed by both sides agreed: training fees in the form of loan payment, if the student fails to pass the public institution recruitment exam, full refund.According to the contract, Mr. Zhang handled the training loan with the third party financial institution cooperating with “Zhonggong Education” and participated in the study. Because he failed the exam, he claimed to get a refund, and the training institution repeatedly delayed.Hence to xianyou county consumer committee complaint, through mediation, finally get a refund.The consumer association believes that, in order to attract students to apply for classes, training institutions promise to students in the case of failing to achieve learning goals, training fees can be fully refunded, students based on the commitment of the training institutions concluded the corresponding contract, the contract also clearly agreed on the corresponding terms.When the refund conditions agreed in the contract are fulfilled, the training institution shall fulfill the obligation of refund in accordance with the contract.Typical cases also provide consumers with “guidance for safeguarding their rights”, saying that consumers should carefully check the contract content before buying training services, and pay attention to important clauses such as curriculum setting, teacher requirements, liability for breach of contract, and refund rules.For the “tuition loan” and “training loan” proposed by training institutions, consumers should fully understand the details of financial products and related risks, and clearly agree on repayment interest rates, handling fees, termination conditions, etc., to avoid the situation that training services still need to repay the loan.Responsible Editor: Wei Jiaming Photo editor: Le Yufeng