Spring Festival warm heart!The scene that took place in Xuzhou was broken in an instant

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More than half of the Spring Festival holiday has passed, and “scientific epidemic prevention” deserves to be the biggest keyword of this year’s Spring Festival.We say that festivals are important, but epidemic prevention is even more important.Because only peace, people’s reunion and gathering will be meaningful, life can be more secure, more dependable.10 thousand lights, happy behind, cannot leave some people give up small home for everyone’s story, do not believe, you see……In the context of normal epidemic prevention and control, nucleic acid reporting is often used, especially during the Spring Festival, for returnees, hospitalized patients and those who leave home early to make a living in other places…A nucleic acid report is urgently needed.”After 24 hours of sampling, the nucleic acid testing team should do its best to make the nucleic acid testing report available as soon as possible, so that people can get the proof without delay.”Xuzhou City first people’s Hospital medical laboratory director Wang Li told reporters that during the Spring Festival, they not only want to test all the people, but also take into account the emergency hospitalized patients, the workload is still very large.The nucleic acid testing team consists of 28 members, 7 of whom will mainly take part in nucleic acid testing during the Spring Festival, while the rest will stick to their posts as preparation members.Among them, three are Party members, one probationary member and two active party members.Every minute and every second, the nucleic acid examiners of the Laboratory are working non-stop, from specimen reception, elimination, numbering and input, to sample addition, nucleic acid extraction and nucleic acid amplification, and then to detection, analysis and report. An efficient “nucleic acid testing assembly line” is always running to ensure that the work is completed in both quality and quantity.On New Year’s Eve, when the New Year bell rang, the nucleic acid amplification machine in the PCR laboratory kept running. Under the lamplight, Baymax was busy. Although his face was covered by masks and face screens, his back was filled with vigorous power.Xu Haibo, a “nanny dad”, volunteered to work overtime on New Year’s Eve.In order to ensure the timely release of nucleic acid reports, overtime work has become the norm.”We have four dads on our team.Work is so important that being on duty during the Spring Festival has become a responsibility. Sometimes if there is no schedule, it’s not practical.””Only by efficiently completing our work and making nucleic acid reports available as quickly as possible can more people feel at ease during the Spring Festival,” Xu said.02 This year’s New Year’s Day, rare fine weather.Xuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine pre-examination triage in the gate of the temporary built tin room.Wang Shanshan, a nurse, and her colleagues have been on duty since 7:30 am.”Please put on your mask, fill in the form, open the health code, travel code…”Because it was the first day of the Chinese New Year, the number of patients coming to the hospital was much less than usual. However, Wang Shanshan and her staff were still careful and meticulous as usual. They routinely checked everyone who entered the hospital, checked their trip code and health code, and filled in the flow adjustment form.”Pre-triage is the first safety barrier for hospital epidemic prevention and control. According to the requirements, patients in Jiangsu province can enter the hospital if they provide their health code and travel code.If imported from the province, a 48-hour nucleic acid test report must be provided.In addition, every patient and companion who enters the hospital is required to fill out a form to register their information.Wang shanshan said.”What if a critical patient comes in?Must I do so again?”The reporter asked.”That can’t be, we strictly control, on an AD hoc basis.In case of critical or severe illness, open a green channel and let them go to the emergency department first. Special staff of the emergency department will make supplementary checks.We treat it differently on a case-by-case basis.””Added Master Wang.Wang Shanshan told reporters that the city of traditional Chinese medicine hospital flow at ordinary times, met some elderly people, need nurses to help them fill in the information, the workload is very large.She was transferred to pre-triage at the gate at the end of July last year, assisted by six staff from the health section who arrive at 7.30am and leave at 5pm each day, with another shift.”The iron-clad room in pre-triage had no air conditioning and was hot in summer and cold in winter, but they didn’t complain.032 on the evening of 2nd, gulou District quarantine point ushered in an entry quarantine personnel.In order to let the quarantined personnel rest as soon as possible and relieve the fatigue of the journey, the staff wearing protective clothing handled the information registration and check-in procedures for him efficiently.In order to provide services for quarantined people, gulou District Health Commission dispatched 13 staff members to the quarantine point to make overall plans and coordination for personnel reception, material allocation and medical support, so that all links can operate smoothly and efficiently.”International flights often arrive in the middle of the night, and we sometimes work into the early hours of the morning until we have checked in everyone in quarantine and are up for work at 5am the next morning.”Gulou district health supervision office supervisor, the current gulou district distant point long Yuan Su introduced.This is yuan Su’s second year of marriage.Since I entered the quarantine point on January 26, I have been busy until February 8. I cannot follow my husband back to my hometown for the Spring Festival.She thought it was meaningful to work overtime at the quarantine point during the Spring Festival, and her mother-in-law supported her.”There are old people in room 615, so you can’t eat spicy food.” “No sweet food in room 620.”In order to make the quarantined people feel the warmth of the festival, according to the instructions of the superior, the quarantine point adjusted the standards appropriately during the Spring Festival, improved the food, and ensured that everyone could eat dumplings on The New Year’s Eve and the First day of the New Year.In order to make each visitor feel warm, the working group set up a temporary wechat group to inquire and provide services every day to meet the various needs of visitors.Yuan su also made a detailed “demand list”, which clearly marked the quarantined people’s special needs for food quantity and taste.”They are like guests here, and we want to make them feel warm and loved.”Yuan Su said.Ai Hui, head nurse of Huancheng Community Health Service Center, arrived at work at 7:50 am on the third day of the first lunar month.After scanning the code, measuring the temperature and washing her hands in seven steps, Ai Hui changes into a white coat and prepares for the day’s work.Inquiry, registration, inoculation, observation, children’s inoculation area has long been in good order.By 8 a.m., the crew was ready.Although it is known that not many people will be vaccinated during the Spring Festival, the medical staff of the Huancheng Community Health Service Center have been sticking to the vaccination.”Since New Year’s Eve until now, no one at our vaccination sites has come for the Novel Coronavirus vaccine.Another nurse asked me yesterday if it was necessary to schedule a shift.We believe that whether or not people come to vaccinate, we must be on duty.In this way, if citizens want to be vaccinated, they can be planted immediately.”Our guard is very necessary.Vaccination remains an effective means of reducing infection, severe illness and mortality.The work we do is like the railings on a bridge.When there are railings on the bridge, people don’t feel fear when they cross the bridge.But if there are no railings on the bridge, it will be scary to cross the bridge.If people don t see us when they want to get vaccinated, they will feel uneasy.Ai Hui told reporters that the epidemic prevention and control situation is still serious as the flow of people becomes more frequent during the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival this year, all the community health service centers around the city will be open for COVID-19 vaccination. Medical staff will be on duty at the vaccination centers every day, and eligible citizens are welcome to get vaccinated in time.Build an immune shield for all. Let’s go.Whether in the battle against the epidemic or when the epidemic was becoming a regular situation, the medical workers in Zhuhai have worked hard to protect the lives and health of people in the city through scientific prevention and control and targeted measures.Where there is danger, where the masses need them, they are there.Thanks to ordinary and extraordinary them, let this city always warm surging.Source: Metropolitan Morning Post