Car 300: the most fool people’s luxury car, the central control screen is not worthy, hang Mercedes Benz mark, direct 300 thousand

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Click on the top right corner of the car 300 headline number, reply to the private message “valuation”, automatically give you a precise valuation of the car, see how much it is still worth ~ in the past two years, the domestic MPV market appeared “gods fight” grand situation.Buick GL8, Cousteau, Odyssey and Alesson are all popular models.In fact, as a luxury brand Mercedes Benz also launched MPV models, but unfortunately, Mercedes Benz, which is very good at the sedan and SUV market, is struggling in the MPV market.Take Mercedes-benz Vito for example, the guide price of this car is 2938-347,800 yuan. Normally, the price of about 300,000 yuan plus the influence of mercedes-benz brand, this car should be a big seller. However, Car 300 used car knows that the sales of Vito is not ideal.The average sales volume of The Vito is only more than 1,000 units per month. In the past two months, 1,658 units were sold in January and 1,089 units were sold in February, which can be said to be very poor.As a large-size MPV, Mercedes-benz Vito has quite sufficient air field. The shield-like front grille is a common design on Mercedes-benz models, and the three-pointed star logo is also very eye-catching, indicating the identity of this car.From the overall appearance, Vito is a more competitive business MPV, and can meet the aesthetic taste of young people.Viewed from the side, the Vito’s overall body is very square, which makes it more spacious to ride inside.In terms of body size, the Vito has an advantage over the Buick GL8, with a length of 5370/1928/1880 mm and a wheelbase of 3430 mm.In terms of seating, the Mercedes-benz Vito offers a 7/8/9 seating layout, which is better for carrying capacity, but the overall comfort is still not as good as the Buick GL8.The interior of the Vito is a bit disappointing. The car is mostly made of hard plastic. The center console doesn’t even have a screen, except for a space in the middle that is shielded by a plastic cover plate and two rows of physical buttons.In the design and materials are relatively simple, did not reflect the luxury Mercedes car sense.The configuration is also relatively low, all halogen lights, imitation leather seats, no skylight, manual opening of the rear window, low with only two airbags in the main and passenger seat, manual sliding door on the right side, only with high before and after radar, bilateral manual sliding door, leather steering wheel.In terms of power, all the systems are 2.0T engines, the transmission system is matched with a nine-gear automatic transmission, the maximum power is 211 horsepower, the peak torque is 350 N · m.The powertrain is good, and Mercedes’s vertical engine and rear-wheel drive provide good handling, but the Volt’s spare mass is over 2.2 tons, which doesn’t make for much power output.Compared with Buick GL8, the sound insulation effect of Mercedes-benz Vito is not very good, especially the wind noise at high speed, there is also the presence of abnormal sound in the car, the configuration is not rich.The veto customer may need to modify the car, and with that cost added, the modified Mercedes Veto is actually not cheap.In this case, perhaps most consumers will prefer the more balanced and comprehensive GL8.