Winter Olympics February 10, the Chinese team schedule time is determined, Wang Meng criticized his disciples and maintain him

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China will face Denmark in the first round of the women’s curling tournament at 9:05 p.m., and will face Switzerland at 20:05 p.m.9:30, men’s figure skating singles free skate, Jin Boyang;9:30, women’s halfpipe snowboard final, Liu Jiayu, CAI Xuetong, Qiu Leng.9:30, men’s figure skating singles free skate, Jin Boyang.14:05, men’s curling round two, China vs Russia and Austria.20:00, speed skating women’s 5000m, Han Mei will compete.21:10: Men’s ice hockey group A, China vs USA.Sun Long of China’s short track speed skating team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the men’s 1500m short track speed skating event at the Winter Olympics.Wang meng criticized Sun long’s condition: “When I was in Europe, I sent him home with a plane ticket. I didn’t send him home. I sent him back to the provincial team.You are wasting national resources!”When some netizens heard Wang Meng’s explanation, they went to Sun Long’s social media platform to scold him. Wang Meng quickly explained, “I’m his coach, I’ve taught him before, I just said that. What are you talking about?”His disciples are right when they say so, but when others say so, they are not happy.Wang Meng immediately stood up and spoke up for his disciples. I am the teacher and can speak up for him, but you should not scold him.The net all one side supports Wang Meng’s argument at that time, therefore, unnecessary.There is no need to put so much pressure on athletes. As Sun Long himself, I think IT is hard enough at this time. This kind of network phenomenon is not worthy, and it is artificial to create conflicts.Everyone has angry words, because of love, so say heavy situation, I think anyone may happen, careless things, really do not magnify.China’s ice and snow sports are not easy, many years of ups and downs, especially for men’s events, it is not easy to produce a few top talents, do not easily deny the hardships of athletes for many years.In the short track speed skating event of the Winter Olympics, there have been a number of outstanding athletes due to foul, fall out, did not achieve good results.This also shows from one side, the short track speed skating project is indeed a very difficult project, the need for good psychological quality, no one can guarantee that there will be no problems.Sun Long is no better, he is more sad than anyone, the outside world should not question, especially can not abuse.Here, we also suggest that when Wang Meng explains, he should not criticize the athletes easily, even if he uses professional language, so as to avoid arousing fierce emotions of some netizens.