When I just want to stretch my legs, I can’t touch steel and cement

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1. Can you love this world?She’s worth the effort and the change.This situation and this scene are scenery.2 sometimes can not see, because I am in it, it is in the heart.3. By the way, I haven’t told you that the first page of the story, it’s a rainy day, and it all starts there.See the scenery together, to reach the heart.5. The sun shines at the bottom of the sea, on the road, in the fields, and finally, at the corners of your mouth.6. We are all in the scenery, it is engraved in the palm of your hand, painted into your back, poured into the cup, written on the face.7 have you in, meet is scenery, scenery, called life.8. Sometimes laugh unscrupulously, and occasionally cry.9. What landscapes you’ve read and whose lives you’ve been involved in.10. Hold your breath and swim from your heart to the bottom of the sea.11 sometimes you have ten thousand answers rain is the answer, waves are the answer, life is the answer, you are the answer.I am the answer.12. The breeze is coming and the hills are murmuring!There is great beauty in the world, to a mountain art lesson!13. Love is like a river, flowing slowly and without end, where everything grows.14 mother’s taste, easy to get used to, but often forget to cherish.Success does not have to be in me, but success must have me.16. With you, all I see is scenery.Scenery is called life.Heart, is the most distant scenery.17. You are a fellow traveler. “We swim together when we move, and work together when we grow.”18 you think it is easy to meet, who knows how many coincidences have been experienced, every intersection in life, there is always a reason!Come in the rain, go out in the sunshine.20. Not every rain is followed by a rainbow, but sunny days do come.21. After a long time, our traces will fade away, but the story here will not end.22. Lonely soul, there is more than yourself in this world.23. Hello, where are you from?Where to go?What beckons migratory birds to a skymarathon?From south to north, spring to autumn.Or perhaps, they are originally living in the journey, the stars for the lamp, the heart to the distance.24. The pursuit of freedom and the desire for life is not a simple road to ordinary survival, but to climb.I love you, as long as I live I will love you seriously.26 mountains and mountains only for a meet, go all out for a change.27. The answer lies in the tears, but also in the sweat, the senses and the heart.There’s always something to live for somewhere else, and you’ll be more committed to your love.28 people’s indomitable, in front of the natural disaster, shining faint light.Human love, in front of the extreme majesty of nature, maintain the tiny power.If you can, please stop for life.Leave some time, exercise, sunshine, more patience, take care of a millet a vegetable soup, let us work hard, the heart has leisure, attentively to life.31 occasionally want to escape, even if only temporarily leave, to a broad land, I just want to stretch my legs, not to touch steel and cement.32. Fireworks sound far from the village and smell sweet.Music zai today, at the end of the rice cloud yellow.Life is half memories, half to continue.34 no matter how much wind and rain, just want to always have you in my memory.35. There are only two things to choose in life. Choose one person and go all the way.36 water love mountains, it nourishes green tens of millions of years, birds love the sky, he does not leave a trace, across the day and darkness.And you, have you ever loved, like this life can not be repeated as fervent, long, trivial or unrequited love.38. On the way to run for a dream, there is a sudden wind and rain, and a lonely night.Don’t be afraid, look back, family is behind, under the beam of warm light.39 music is the beautiful side of life, there is always a lyrics, telling your story;There is always a melody, can hold all your tears.40. Mr. Zhu Guangqian said, “The problem of modern people is that they work hard and have no leisure.”Body, mind, happiness, happiness, in the endless busy are scattered, healthy life has become the most simple but the most difficult thing.41 will chew life full of flavor, the days live, often not only by mouth, but also have a heart soaked in the fireworks of the world.42 some people say that life is like a song, it is because he has gone through all the mountains and rivers, and some people say that life has no river, it is because he has tasted all the ups and downs.Whether curling smoke, small villages, mountains and fertile fields, big rivers, where I stand, is my warm country.44. As we often say, there is no standard answer to life, everyone has his own footnote.We all have our own choices in the face of adversity.”Line to the water poor, sit up to watch the clouds “is the choice,” sleep on brushwood, three thousand more armour can swallow Wu “is the choice, of course, you can also choose to bring gloves, struggling to fight.45 in such a rainy night, friends sit idle, lights amiable.Eat a bowl of human fireworks, drink a few cups of life up and down, cure you, warm me.After a busy day, you must be exhausted, just like me.Good miss carefree youth unrestrained, dream heartily.We usually feel that life is boring, you have to do a very simple thing, head up, give yourself some space, enjoy the moon in the sky.The mountain has the peak, the lake has the other shore, in the long distance of life, all things have to turn, when we feel bitter aftertaste, please believe that everything will return to sweet.49. Standing on the top of the mountain and talking to the sun, moon and stars, diving into the sea and rivers and lakes, shaking hands with every tree, and whispering to every grass, the universe is vast, nature is awesome, and life is respectable.50. I hope to find a quiet, boating lake, three or five friends, a pot of old wine, family company, singing friends.Come, in the green field, under the sun to create beauty, heal youth.