The beginning of spring, waiting for spring

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The beginning of Spring, waiting for spring flowers (Poetry) (works on seven Star Bridge), there will be no impulse, no quarrel, no collision with anyone, and no running around.The beginning of spring, will be to endure, calm mood, will not sing wine singing, ushered in and sent, warm flying.Start of spring, will quietly stay at home, holding a book, bubble a pot of tea, gently kiss suck book and tea sweet.Start of spring, or stand in the morning wind, watching the eastern dawn, holding up the red sun, rosy clouds all over the sky, quietly breathing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.The beginning of spring, quietly waiting, waiting for the recovery of all things, waiting for purple swallow to fly, waiting for birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers, waiting for the full spring.The beginning of spring, quietly waiting, waiting for bamboo green willow green, static waiting for budding, static waiting for grass and warbler flying, static waiting for the field, static waiting for better arrival, static waiting for the good news of the Winter Olympics.Spring, the beginning of the New Year, vientiane fresh!The beginning of spring, spring, spring!Spring, calm as water, gentle as spring!On the Seven Star Bridge, 2022.2.4, the morning of the beginning of Spring was written in the Room of Ten Continents.The original is not easy, do not copy.