The answer is always in your mind

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People in Hedong, Tianjin, face many choices in their life.When it comes to big choices, the right thing to do is to listen to your heart.Of course, it’s always good to listen to other people’s advice, but in the end you’re the only one who has to face the risks of making a choice.The army is readjusted and reformed, and many comrade-in-arms will soon leave the barracks and go into society.At the crossroads of life, it is difficult to decide whether to plan resettlement or to choose a career independently.Therefore, I will seek the opinions of leaders, relatives and friends as well as comrades who have left the army everywhere, hoping to obtain more information, comprehensively weigh the advantages and disadvantages of all aspects, and make a suitable choice for myself.But often, we will hear different opinions, and all of them are well-reasoned, each has its own reason, but let oneself more confused.Recent period of time, several comrade-in-arms chat on the phone how to choose.In the process of communicating with them, I found an interesting phenomenon: although they would talk about the consideration of different choices, when you listen carefully, you will realize that they already have the answer in their heart. What we need to do is to give them the courage to make a final decision and the confidence to face the unknown.How do you know their inner answers?I think we can take the “pull the baby” approach.In ancient times, two women argued for children, all saying that the child’s mother, the county magistrate let two women were dragging the child’s arm to pull, and finally decided that the first to give up is the child’s mother.We only have to talk about the disadvantages of autonomy and transition, which he defended the most, that is his choice, the outsider sees the most of the game.How should choose after all?It varies from person to person, such as Confucius’ life stage division, I feel: at the age of 30, we must choose the path of entrepreneurship;At 40, respect your inner path;When you know what your destiny is, you can follow your path.No matter what kind of road you choose, the first half of life is not afraid, the second half of life is not regretful, this is respect for yourself.And more important than choice, be responsible for your choice to the end.Someone once joked, what is a philosopher?A philosopher is a person who chooses spicy crayfish over roast duck and laughs while sitting on the toilet.In the end, I think we should remember four things when making choices: first, you are the one who makes your own choices;Second, the best choice is not necessarily the best choice;Third, the effort after the choice is the most important;Fourth, enjoy your choice with joy.The night was made on the night of April 25, 2017. His real name is Zhang Yechen, “after 80”. He was born in Lucheng.To work to sharpen his ambition, to read and practice, to meet friends with articles, to cultivate the mind, to seek life, has published a number of personal works.