Protect thousands of peace | Lantern Festival, Guyuan public security for you to light up a special “lamp”

2022-07-16 0 By

The Lantern Festival thousand door hang red light Critics, bursts of yinhua lights to meet holiday season Ornaments make yuanxiao the first full moon night in the year of the tiger make lanterns, guess riddles, eating lantern in the bright lights in the air is full of festive and auspicious to have such a group of people they use a special “light” guarded the gathering this Lantern Festival let us enjoy together evalution of the public security another story “light” fire alarmLights flashing at night is the beacon of safeguarding the safety of the masses,Hot red plays the warmest music in the cold winter shoulder light shining shoulder light shines on the unchanging mission each other is dedicated to the people’s true feelings guard traffic lights familiar intersection familiar figure fluorescent green and traffic lights each other they are fearless of snow winter light your way home reconnaissance light white snowCold winter they shuttle in the scene for clues in the clues to let out the landscape lights beautiful bright lights too, with face they are the most beautiful beautiful scenery line, with all my heart in the street lights all night eternal guardian ever-burning lamps joy and peace YiZhanZhan party witnessing the change of whom the alert case they use day and night sleepless nights to keep one years static good roadLamp in the every night they are the brightest lights for pavement families lit peace they are YiZhanZhan never extinguished lamp to warm the heart To illuminate the road ahead with loyal light guarded the 365 – day on Christmas Eve lights producer/xiao-ming ma original title: the guardian peace | the Lantern Festival, evalution of public security for you on a special “light”,”