The reason that China team inevitably world preliminary match defeats Vietnam team: the problem of transformation of Vietnam team attack defense is very big

2022-07-15 0 By

China and Vietnam team before the game, Vietnam team coach said didn’t see the Chinese team of faults, this is very interesting, but the Chinese team beat Vietnam team really has the opportunity, because now the pressure of the Vietnam team is big, but really have add into Vietnam team looks at home, at least defense and offense looks really have the improvement, this is very interesting.Here are three reasons why China is sure to win this game.The first defender to Vietnam team always appear all sorts of accidents, defense always appear all sorts of accidental starting the headline Numbers in this paper Orange Vietnam team luneng international football information defence is always wrong, even defensive mistakes often, this is a very interesting place, why such a problem, or the player’s ability, Vietnam team made is basically want a high closing down,But the player’s physical ability seems to be the problem, also do not have lasted 90 minutes of high level of competition ability, this is the key part, a little helpless, so the team lost the ball are basically lost the ball suddenly, defensive player suddenly not in the right place, actually home from Australia and Japan, and even Saudi Arabia are such loss, appeared a mistake,Let the opponent score, this is the Chinese team can grasp the opportunity, as long as the continued attack, Vietnam’s defense must have problems, and the best and Vietnam play on attack, this may be more appropriate.Vietnam team, although looks attack speed, stability is not enough, the Chinese team can grasp the opportunity to transition starting the headline Numbers in this paper Orange Vietnam team luneng international football information actually attack quickly, but also has a problem, the success rate is not high, this team is wrong, that’s why Vietnam team seems to be the tournament team for the team,But the actual performance is not as good as expected, because the player ability is not enough, a little helpless.This team for any opponent can actually create scoring opportunities, but the ability to grasp the chances not enough, and Australia, itself seems almost scored, but suddenly lost the ball, it is the team’s problem, that is, when the conversion in Vietnam team offensive defense, is the opportunity that China score, play the Vietnam team, Chinese team are ability to complete this goal.Vietnam team really wasted opportunity many, and as long as, inevitably fail, this is the Vietnam team in the group’s largest short board in this paper, starting the headline number Orange information though Vietnam team luneng international football is the number of chances, at least the Vietnam team and Australia, and even play Saudi seem to have the chance to score, but the actual ability to grasp the chances is poor,And as long as and Vietnam team, this team is easy to lose, this is the place where a little mean, so China’s offense is right, only this tactic can make the team win, after all, the Chinese team needs to Vietnam team defence mistakes, exchanges, China defence errors should be lower than the Vietnam team.This is the Chinese team can win the Vietnamese team for three reasons, conversely, the Vietnamese team to win the Chinese team for three reasons is also this, is not very interesting.