The positive patients from Guangxi Debao have been confirmed as returnees from Shenzhen

2022-07-15 0 By

This reporter learned from the COVID-19 prevention and control press conference held in Baise, Guangxi Province today that on the afternoon of February 4, 2022, Debao County received a report from the laboratory of the People’s Hospital of Debao County that a returnee from Shiyan Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen city tested positive for nucleic acid in the preliminary screening test.It is understood that the subject involved in Yang went to the County People’s Hospital for nucleic acid test at 17:57 on February 3, 2022. At 14:00 on February 4, the laboratory test result of the County People’s Hospital was suspected to be positive.County people’s hospital immediately in the laboratory with two different reagents for recheck, the results are suspected positive.County hospital reported the county epidemic prevention and control headquarters at 16:07.Debao county immediately transferred the case to debao County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for medical isolation, and sent the nucleic acid test sample to the municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention for review. After the municipal review, it has been confirmed as a positive case.(source: CCTV news client) For more exciting content, please download the “Wuhan” client in each major application market.