The most deadly meat and vegetable tea for kidney damage, right on your table!Throw it away. Don’t wait until it tastes bad to regret it

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Heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, although kidney ranks the last of the five zang organs, its role is the most important.Western medicine believes that the kidney undertakes the body’s “waste” task, the kidney is sick, the body’s metabolic waste can not be discharged, the whole human system will collapse (uremia).Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the rise and fall of kidney qi directly affects the aging process.Once the kidney qi deficiency failure, the biochemical function of the viscera decreases, there will be alopecia, teeth, skin haggard, physical decline, loss of reproductive ability and a series of aging signs.Therefore, Chinese people are very keen on “nourishing their kidneys”.Just, a lot of people do a lot of efforts every day, but often the kidney did not fill, but eat bad!Why is that?The injury kidney food on table is alleged “disease enters from the mouth”, a lot of people of these food below eat all day happy, do not know they are hidden actually deepest, injury kidney the most malicious “prime criminal”!1 meat – salted meat salted meat, fish and other meat products are often popular because of their “flavor”.However, anyone who has made cured meat knows that salted meat must be salted in the whole package to succeed, so the salt content of this kind of food must be seriously over the limit. After a few mouthfuls, you should drink water to press it down.Although traditional Chinese medicine thinks “salty enter kidney”, but excessive salty can hurt kidney certainly!So, the kidney is actually a very salty organ.Studies have found that 95% of the salt we eat is metabolized by our kidneys. If we take in too much salt, our kidneys will work overtime all the time. If this goes on, it will be hard not to be “tired out”.2 tea – strong tea in most people’s cognition, the right amount of tea can digest food, protect blood vessels.Therefore, some people think that tea is a “good thing”, we must drink more, and even think that drinking strong tea can double the effect.But actually, drink strong tea not only not health care, the harm to kidney is not small instead.First, oxalic acid content in strong tea is high.Oxalic acid in the urinary tract is easy to cause calcium oxalate stone, kidney stone, but also not conducive to iron absorption.Second, strong tea contains more fluorine.Fluorine is mainly discharged through the kidney, when the human body intake too much fluorine, the kidney burden is aggravated, serious can also lead to chronic fluorosis.So, how strong is strong tea?In fact, there is no certain criteria for judging, mainly by taste and color, if it tastes bitter and astringent, and the color is very cloudy, it is strong tea.Leftovers are known as kidney killers because they contain e. coli.E. coli is one of the normal bacteria in the gut. It doesn’t usually cause disease and doesn’t easily show up in our food.But leftovers are stored in a complex and easily contaminated environment, and the longer they are stored, the more E. coli can multiply and become sick if they exceed a certain threshold.And it can also damage the vascular endothelium, promote the clotting mechanism in the body, causing many embolic lesions, in the kidney and escherichia coli related is hemolytic uremic syndrome.Therefore, in addition to eating less leftovers, we should also pay attention to good hygiene habits in the kitchen, raw and cooked separate, cooked food, cooked thoroughly before eating.It is important that kitchen waste is kept at a distance from ingredients and that cooks wash their hands frequently.Carambola is sweet and sour, juicy and delicious, but it can be a poison to people with poor kidneys, especially kidney dysfunction.This is because star fruit contains a neurotoxin and oxalic acid.Normal people in the star fruit after eating, can smoothly discharge these substances, but people with renal insufficiency, but do not have the ability to discharge them, will cause nerve poisoning.Therefore, there has been kidney disease or had kidney disease of the crowd, to fast carambola and processed products, healthy people a day the consumption of the best not more than 2.In fact, in addition to eating, there are many bad habits in life that can also damage the kidney.Want to know “kidney advocate bone, kidney is the mansion of waist”, accordingly, always harm the action of waist, did much metropolis harm kidney.The body is not good for the unobstructed qi and blood of the human body and the stretch of muscles and bones, it is best to combine work and rest.But, modern often lead escape evil labor, not only is “station did not stand phase, sit did not sit phase, lie did not lie phase”, still often like “paralysis” on the bed or sofa.Over time, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spine disease and other spinal problems come to the door, and the spine, also known as keel, is the backbone bone to support people, the main kidney bone, bone injury is not healthy kidney.2 Panic hurts kidney Kidney in the seven emotions for fear, fear is gas.In the life, when encountering scary thing, we always like to joke “frighten urine”, actually, this is the true poriture of frightened injury kidney.In addition to frighten to urinate incontinence, adults will also cause kidney gas is not solid because of excessive fright, thus appearing impotence premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, slippery and other diseases.Therefore, avoid fear when you can, and avoid horror movies, ghost stories, and suspense dramas when you can.3 excessive use of the ear and kidney to open in the ear, kidney deficiency medullary sea, will appear dizziness tinnitus, hearing loss and other symptoms.In modern society, with serious noise pollution in life, excessive ear use is inevitable. Moreover, many young people like to listen to music and watch TV with earphones for a long time. If the volume of earphones is too high, the damage to their ears is even more incalculable.Ear root is not clean, can hinder the collection of kidney essence, as time passes, inevitable meeting affects kidney function.Since the air conditioning, the room is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is not a rare thing to wear summer clothes in the room all the year round.Little do they know that this kind of life will affect Yang qi operation, such as summer cooling, Yang qi can not be well vented;If winter is too warm, it affects the storage of Yang qi.Violate the principle of “nourishing Yang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter”, and the kidney Yang will be easily damaged, resulting in a series of discomfort.”In order to be young and beautiful, it is not regretful to suffer from cold”. Modern people’s clothes do not conform to the season, especially in winter, their clothes are too thin, which will lead to cold pathogenic invasion of bones, joints and cells, and damage the kidney Yang.In addition, there are some casual behaviors in life, a little attention will affect the maintenance of the kidney, such as staying up late, strenuous exercise in winter, fatigue and so on.In fact, the key to raise the kidney depends on protecting the kidney, rather than how many expensive tonic intake.We must not let the seemingly indifferent behavior in life imperceptibly hurt kidney.Tonifying kidney often eat “kidney fruit” Chestnut, is a very common food on the market, is also a good tonifying kidney food.Usually, we are steamed or fried chestnuts before eating.In fact, chestnut can also be eaten raw, and eat raw, cooked effect is very different.Eat raw Sun Simiao once stressed the method of “eat raw”.Efficacy: Lower qi, tonify qi, regulate qi, stop vomiting blood.Indications: nosebleed and blood in the stool.If develop the habit of eating dried raw chestnut every day, can achieve effective prevention and treatment of kidney deficiency, waist acid leg pain effect.Moreover, air-dried chestnut has a very good effect on the frequent nocturnal urine of the elderly.Practice: use a net bag to hang chestnuts to dry.Eat three or four raw chestnuts in the morning and at night.Put the chestnuts in the mouth fine chewing, to taste no residue into the slurry, a little swallow, can make health care effect maximization.2 Cooked eating effect: and stomach spleen, relieve spleen deficiency.The chestnut kernel is steamed, ground and made into cake. It is suitable for children with little diet and weak body. It can increase appetite and regulate intestines and stomach.Boil porridge with chestnut and japonica rice, be helpful for alleviating the chronic diarrhea caused by deficiency of spleen and stomach already cold, also be old people dyspepsia, qi deficiency of lack of power dietotherapy prescription.Practice: take 10 chestnuts and japonica rice, a total of porridge, and then add brown sugar after eating.Article source: BTV Yangsheng Tang, family doctor