Shanghai dama is targeted!Real estate agents sell vegetables while selling houses, farmers into new plate promotional battlefield

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At 12 o ‘clock on the fourth day of the lunar New Year, a farmhouse on Chongming Island in Shanghai ushered in the busiest time of the day.The tourists finished their morning and crowded into the farmhouse.Customers who have not made reservations in advance linger in the yard, waiting impatiently for the landlady to call.In the middle of the yard, vegetable vendors surround trees with fruits and vegetables, creating a small vegetable market.Beside the tree parked two housing billboards, impressively written “full marketing a recommendation of Ten thousand gold”, “successfully recommend customers to sign subscription can enjoy 1% commission” and other words.Taking advantage of the “local New Year” opportunity, Shanghai’s new house market during the Spring Festival to complete the momentum.During the Spring Festival, times weekly reporters visit found that many in Shanghai New Plate hit the slogan of “Spring Festival is not closed”, arranged sales through duty, online work and other ways to take turns on duty.Part is located in chongming, Qidong and other exurb of the new plate project, more marketing position transferred to farmhouse.Each major project marketing pattern is full of tricks, compete for the best, tissue boxes, posters are printed on the house advertising, who do not want to miss this opportunity to get visitors.”Look at a room after dinner?”In the noisy crowd, real estate agent Little brother Wang Wen (pseudonym) dressed in casual clothes, while dealing with a woman who buys vegetables, she answers questions about the price of vegetables, while constantly approaching to ask, “Do you want to see the house?One million yuan a set, unlimited purchase, Chongming island real house.”Once the Shouting attracted the attention of the other party, Wang Wen would take the initiative to ask the other party if he was free and would you like to see a room after dinner.Compared with the traditional sales office, the crowd gathered in the Spring Festival holiday, chongming or Qidong has become the most ideal marketing venue for the new plate.When Times visited, developers on the island were more than happy to pay for the promotion, with some putting posters of their projects on hotel walls and others tactfully sponsoring tissue boxes for farmhouses.”Because of the epidemic, no one can travel abroad, so many Shanghainese come to Chongming every long holiday.”My colleagues and I would look for a lively farmhouse, talk to the owner in advance, put some house introductions in a prominent place, and we would always meet one or two interested clients a day.”Wang Wen knows something about this.With the new house projects of brand developers entering the market one after another in recent years, the new house market in Chongming once took off, but it also intensified the competition for customers of new house projects.”Chongming Island 80-100 square meters of apartments are very difficult to sell, we are mainly looking at villa products.”Our project is far away from the track under construction, and if we don’t get more exposure, it’s hard to attract customers.””Said a marketing manager at a state-owned developer.E-house research institute, a think-tank, the director of the centre for YanYueJin said in an interview with time weekly reporter, starting in 2021, Shanghai is the emergence of many suburban tourism demand, the enterprise will choose at this time to chongming organic as a marketing platform, accurately grasp the part has a vacation, leisure, endowment demand intention buyers, these people still have to improve the housing demand,”It’s a promising marketing approach.”Farmhouse music selling, the results of differentiation is obvious.A new house sales manager told times weekly reporters, its real estate is 4-5 kilometers away from the farmhouse, in the farmhouse posters are more to see a large flow of people, close, trying to “cast a wide net” way to get customers.However, due to the total price of its project is more than 10 million yuan, there are only visiting customers but no transaction customers at present.Another new house sales manager said that compared with the real estate in Central Shanghai, the total price of the real estate is low, the price is very attractive, coupled with the fine decoration and delivery of the house, customers desire to buy a house, so far there have been customers transaction.In southwest Shanghai, another group of real estate salespeople expertly shoot short videos of crime scenes and actively attract customers through community marketing.Many projects in Shanghai new Plate have made the slogan of “Spring Festival is not closed”, and arranged the field sales through duty, online work and other ways to take turns on duty.According to incomplete statistics of times Weekly reporters, during the Spring Festival of 2022, a total of 24 new houses in Shanghai will open their sales offices every day from New Year’s Eve, and 28 new houses will gradually open their sales offices from the second day of junior high school.Li Yue (pseudonym) is the case sales of a project in Chedeng, Songjiang, her real estate has been open since New Year’s Eve sales office, since every day to arrange staff on duty in the sales office to receive customers.At the same time, the sales are also actively in the wechat community to release the real estate project information, from time to time to take the scene video to the group to activate the atmosphere.”Obviously, after the third year, more people began to look at the house. These two days, it is usually busy in the afternoon, so you must make an appointment with me early to look at the house.”Li yue replied to The Times reporter on wechat.Insiders who have been paying close attention to the real estate market of five new cities in Shanghai told Time Weekly that in recent years, real estate enterprises have actively carried out online marketing and community marketing, and new marketing has become the norm.At the same time, housing enterprises will choose to prepare some exclusive discounts or New Year gifts during the Spring Festival to attract customers to visit the house.”But because of the suspension of procedures such as online visa, it is often more of a pre-storage function.””Said the person.In Yan Yuejin’s view, housing enterprises during the Spring Festival always open sales office, marketing is not lax, we can see that housing enterprises firmly continue to look forward to the long-term development of the Real estate market in Shanghai.”From the beginning of this wave can also be found, the year of the Tiger Spring Festival housing enterprise marketing like the tiger, more aggressive.After the first batch of centralized supply hits the market in 2022, it will make a good start for new home sales in 2022.”Yan yuejin said.