Municipal Finance Bureau: Zhenping County Finance Bureau implemented the “four catch” measures to boost poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategy

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Since 2021, Zhenping County Finance Bureau of Henan Province has been firmly grasping the key links of “consolidation, expansion and connection” according to the requirements of the “five vitalization”, actively playing its financial functions, earnestly implementing the “four Grasping” measures, supporting the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, boosting high-quality rural development, and promoting agricultural efficiency to increase farmers’ income.First, we will focus on project input.County financial departments and agricultural departments to fight for agricultural project funds 53.75 million yuan, support high-standard farmland construction and collective economic development, promote farmers to increase income.A total of 29.3 million yuan was invested in 57 projects to support the public welfare undertakings of “one case, one discussion” and the construction of “beautiful villages”.3.89 million yuan of awards and subsidies were allocated for the toilet Revolution.We made full use of the PPP model to plan two projects to build infrastructure in poor villages and promote rural revitalization and improve the living environment, with a total investment of 608 million yuan. We supported the upgrading of rural roads, water and gas supply infrastructure and effectively improved the living environment in rural areas.Second, we will implement policies.According to the central “four not pick” and fiscal support policy in transition period and the overall stability of the capital scale requirements, give full play to the government investment main body of the leading role, the full implementation of food each fiscal policy, farmland productivity protection handouts, disposable grain subsidies totaling 117 million yuan, benefiting the county 133700 grain farmers.12.08 million yuan was allocated for resettlement of large and medium-sized reservoirs to support the steady development of resettlement.A total of 118 million yuan in central, provincial and municipal poverty alleviation subsidies will be secured, and 45 million yuan will be allocated to county-level poverty alleviation funds in a coordinated way to consolidate progress in poverty alleviation and rural vitalization projects.Third, we will focus on capital supervision.Strictly in accordance with the principle of “who is in charge of the project, who uses the funds, who is responsible for the main responsibility”, detailed requirements from project management, fund management and other aspects, clear responsibilities, and promote standardized management of the whole process of funds.We will strengthen supervision over township and township level financial funds, implement a feedback mechanism for fund supervision, strengthen supervision, inspection and follow-up of the use of project funds, and effectively do a good job in the supervision and management of fiscal linking funds.We will hold scheduling and promotion meetings of rural revitalization projects from time to time to keep track of the progress of project implementation, timely solve difficult problems in project construction, ensure that the projects are implemented as planned, and achieve tangible results as soon as possible.Fourth, focus on performance management.Will adhere to the “cost efficiencies, invalid shall be accountability, the full implementation of poverty alleviation project funds performance management policies and work requirements, the performance assessment results as agatanoatae department and township poverty alleviation effect evaluation, fiscal investment direction and the important basis of the annual budget after put an end to project units” reiterated, light, light management “phenomenon.We will continue to regard goal-oriented as an effective means of fund performance management for poverty alleviation projects, implement the “dual monitoring” measure of the achievement of performance targets and the progress of budget implementation, speed up the progress of fund expenditure, and improve the efficiency of allocation of financial resources and use of funds.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: