Heaven Burns Red: What else can you do when you’re refreshed

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Currently, there is no way to store stamina in the game, and 5 stamina is not enough for players who want to keep up with progress and increase stamina through liver. Here are some ways to increase stamina without expending stamina.There are two directions in the game: the training ground and the main line.Training ground The training ground can be accessed by the instructor’s office every free time to obtain experience, solution, sand.Insufficient in can not improve the skill level, but win in offline hanging, is the best choice when sleeping and busy (the longest hanging time is related to the player level) training field income table offline weekly return time is manual combat time +20s, failed to unlock all choose their experience the highest efficiency (experience/time) on the line.For all unlocked players, it is recommended that xianyu return to Intermediate 2 and Liver Emperor return to intermediate 3 weeks, for reasons explained below.The main line copy is the main line inside the maze, the advantage is that you can get experience books, you can upgrade skills, the disadvantage is that you need to click the operation.There are two conditions for the selection of replicas, 1 cannot be a virtual enemy (cannot upgrade skills) and 2 must have [extra turn] buffs (not missing rare MOBS).Meet these two conditions and then choose the most efficient encounter.The maze displacement (not including shifting and swapping) increases the color of the radar-like icon in the bottom right corner. The distance required to go from colorless to red is fixed by the level of the maze.When you reach red and encounter enemies after a certain distance, the distance length is completely random, regardless of the level of the maze (usually 0-5s).There are currently two options, one is the mines in Main chapter 1, and the other is the special outpost in Main Chapter 2.All mines are unlocked in Day11, the recommended route is to start with the end point of tier 4, then click on the level 1 entry autopathfinding, so you can get extra turns along the way, and then click on the end point and the entrance autopathfinding repeatedly.The moving time of this maze to red is 27s(single section does not change zones), and the efficiency of meeting enemies from the entrance to the end is about 1.07min/ time.Special sentry missions are available on day 11-15 in chapter 2, “after class,” but consider saving before and after cutscenes by suggesting Day12 or 14.Start by clicking C in the lower left corner for an extra turn, and then go back and forth between 1 and 3.The movement time for this maze to reach the red is 12s(no change zone in a single section), and the efficiency of meeting enemies in a 100 energy round is about 0.84min/ time (single round combination kill).On the choice of two mazes, the mine has no energy limit and can loop back and forth infinitely, with fewer operations.Special sentry task practice degree is more demanding, more frequent operation, but earnings to meet strange frequency is higher (even if you count out again into the needed 1 min) at the same time the mainline maze can get a lot of stone and solution (outburst mine no solution), and this is before I do not recommend liver emperor hang up the cause of the intermediate 2, 999 cap, lower material soon overflow.