Zhongze land auction, Evergrande budget preparation!Yibin opens year property market, show big news again

2022-07-14 0 By

Zhongze or Evergrande, speaking of it seems to be salt on everyone’s wound.However, for their long suffering friends, there is good news!Here are two things to watch for on February 10.First, zhongze land assets to be auctioned.How time flies! It has been more than 7 years since the nakazawa problem broke out, but it is still difficult to heal the wounds of creditors!Back then, in ze problem outbreak involved in a series of “class in ze” problem, the key word is fund-raising.The auction mentioned this time is that cuiping District Court auctioned the two land assets involved in erbin Village, Xiaguan Town, Dali City in accordance with the law in the case of illegal absorption of public deposits by Yibin Zhongze.It has to be said that the layout of the territory is indeed relatively wide.Soon after taking the land, the former Hedu Six (shot earlier) said that after the comprehensive evaluation agency evaluated and part of the fund raising participants’ opinions, they proposed 7.2 million yuan/mu as the starting price of the two parcels of land.According to rough estimation, the total land area of the two lands is about 38.39 mu. If the transaction is made at 7.2 million yuan/mu, the total price will be about 276 million yuan, which should be pleased by many creditors.Of course, that is another story, after all, the success of the auction has not been determined.Second, evergrande Yujing Peninsula budget preparation.Evergrande exploded last year. Even if you are not a person in the industry, even if you are not the owner of Evergrande, you have not even put forward the plan to buy a house. Many friends have “vaguely heard about it”.After all, the impact of the thunder is too wide, its Yibin project was not spared.Fortunately, both the authorities and the construction party are making active efforts to ensure the delivery. Therefore, the project of “Yibin Evergrande Yujing Peninsula Budgeting” has also been invited for bidding!According to the announcement, this bidding scope is the follow-up project of Evergrande Yujing Peninsula phase I, which mainly involves exterior wall decoration, water and electrical communication installation, garden construction, fine decoration and decoration of fire engineering, etc.Yibin Evergrande Yujing Peninsula (earlier photo) Although the tender is only budget preparation, it is undoubtedly doing preliminary work for the subsequent project promotion.Of course, for the project owners, as long as they have not got the key to the house, the stone hanging in the heart will not drop.From the outbreak of the Nakazawa problem to the explosion of Evergrande thunder, the span is just seven years.The two may seem unrelated, but they are exactly the same: financial problems.The former is well known for private loan financing, while the latter has abundant financing channels, including equity financing, bank loans, senior notes and so on.All in all, they want to leverage more with other people’s money, thus leveraging wealth growth.In this dangerous operation, once a circulation link is “stuck”, the entire capital operation will be affected.How big is the impact?Examples like Zhongze and Evergrande are here.Recall the past, in the ze is yibin property market resounding housing enterprises;At one time, Evergrande was a famous national leading real estate company…There is a particularly similar phenomenon is that the ground after a thunder alarm, the property market has accelerated into the downward channel, market confidence has declined significantly, real estate sales, prices have been significantly impacted.Even so, I don’t feel the need to be completely bearish.First, the pillar position of the real estate industry is very strong;Secondly, from Zhongze to Evergrande, there is no doubt that they are the “bone scraping poison” of the industry. Through these markets, they will continue to move towards a virtuous cycle.It is said that recently has introduced a nationwide commercial housing pre-sale funds supervision method, in fact, is the improvement of a normative document.In yibin, confidence can be mentioned again.In recent years, Yibin is rolling up its sleeves to work hard. The city is constantly endowed with energy, and the value of the city often determines the value of the property market.